As our society becomes more visual, creating video content and having a video marketing strategy is increasingly important.  This article, by Lara Buck, will help you understand animation as a plausible option that can help your company increase revenue…

Guest post by Lara Buck

Taking the plunge with video marketing? Animation could help increase your revenues!

Why Use Animation for Your Next Online Video?

Videos are effective and powerful marketing tools for an online business. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Conversion rates increase after seeing an effective video, as compared with other online marketing strategy.
  2. Video content helps improve the Search Engine Optimization of your site as search engines prefer pages that have videos over those that do not. Pages containing videos are also more likely to get backlinks.
  3. Videos are simple to understand and an effective aid to comprehension, thereby improving customer satisfaction. Video marketing helps to educate the customer while keeping a level of intrigue.
Animation Video Marketing Experts introduced by Lara Buck at Idea Girl Media

Animated Video Production Experts

There are a variety of video types that can be used.  Animated videos are the “in thing” now in video marketing.  

Nine animated video marketing tips:

  1. Animated videos are attention grabbing and eye catching. Since animation uses bright colors, simple lines and constant movement, the viewer’s attention is glued to the screen. They automatically want to watch and see what happens next.
  2. They are an easy method of imparting information. These can include graphs and charts, and flow along with verbal explanations.
  3. Animated videos do not have any race, nationality or age as human actors do. Since the market is global, such videos appeal to all kinds of people.
  4. These videos can be used for all types of services, products, and topics.  Further, hey make difficult topics less intimidating, and even help in making some topics more interesting and accessible.
  5. Videos using animation are great for developing the brand of your business as logos, brand images, and color schemes can be seamlessly integrated. The settings can blend in with cartoons and you can even build recurring themes.
  6. The best video marketing campaigns strive to be more professional.  Not everyone can whip up an animated video – unlike using humans as actors. Therefore, if the video has animation, it is perceived more reliable and the company brand stronger and more authentic.
  7. This type of video can be used for meetings, presentations, trade shows and social media, as well as for various types of audiences and purposes.
  8. There is no cap on creativity. You need not limit your imagination — Anything is possible in animation!
  9. Animated videos bring to life any concept.  You can use them to bend the laws of nature, give context to your ideas, and strike the right note with your audience.

In order to make use of video marketing strategies as powerful tools, it is possible quality animation video marketing companies might provide the best animated videos for you…

Lara Buck explains Animated Video Production - Business Growth Through Video Marketing at Idea Girl Media

Animated Video Production – Business growth

Five animated video marketing services points to consider: 

  1. A good animated video production company will be able to provide counseling and give you a strategy regarding the video.
  2. Well-seasoned animated video marketing professionals will be able to interpret your vague ideas and suggestions into concrete projects.
  3. Experienced animated video marketing professionals will be able to weave a story based on the goals you have given them as well as the ideas you have.
  4. If being cost effective is your goal, outsourcing to an animated video production company will assure you can make use of the latest technology in building the video most optimal results.
  5. You will also be able to entertain the audience as well as convey information to them in the best possible manner, and thereby increase the demand and the visibility of the product or services being offered.

Reeling It In

Your goals with video marketing are to increase brand awareness, promote product or service understanding, and to increase sales.  There are some good video content creation tools out there that serve animated video production.

However, you may see more benefits in hiring out the video creation:

  • A polished video for your project
  • Increased revenues
  • Heightened attention from your viewers

Should you decide to use an animated video production company, choose one with a good reputation that will help you ad an X factor to your business and website.

Lara Buck, guest blogger on video marketing at Idea Girl Media

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