Considering a video marketing strategy for your business?  Discover six surprising facts plus more important insight from the top ten YouTube marketing success stories of all time…

What are the most successful videos of all time and why should you care who’s mastered YouTube Marketing?

The answer might surprise you.

You probably haven’t realized the truth is that you have been seduced on social media by clever content marketing.

It’s true.

(That’s just one of my YouTube marketing tips).

In this post you will discover:

  • A groovy Infographic with the top ten YouTube marketing success stories
  • The exact amazing artists featured in those YouTube videos
  • A few surprising truths about video marketing and YouTube marketing campaigns

And hopefully you’ll be edutained along the way!

Some Facts Behind YouTube Marketing Strategy

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet?  Truth.

Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google?  (The largest search engine)  More truth.

So, one not-so-secret secret is that there is indeed a lot of power behind those videos that entertain us.  Lets call it a lot of “Google Juice!”


We humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text alone.

And marketers have figured out that viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.  WOW, right?

Are you starting to see why YouTube marketing can be so successful?

The Secret Behind YouTube Marketing Strategy

There are two big reasons you navigate to YouTube:

  • To watch an entertainment video you want to see or that has been recommended
  • To watch a video tutorial to learn how to do something you need to know how to do

In both cases, you reach a piece of content that someone has placed there for you to consume for a specific reason.

A tutorial will usually provide helpful information with directives that lead to more information from the author.  Links to their blog, an Ebook download, or a more advanced video course.  Classic content marketing!

Here’s where you might be surprised…

An entertainment video from your favorite recording artist is actually just really jazzy content marketing.  That’s right.  They’ve placed the groovy-cool video to their latest song on YouTube for you to find and consume.  From there, you may or may not see ads.  But all efforts are made in hopes that you will purchase:

  • Albums
  • Concert tickets
  • T-shirts and other merchandise

We do enough of the time, don’t we?

See how video marketing works?

Now that you’ve learned a few things, lets get to the fun stuff!! 🙂

YouTube Marketing: Top Ten Success Stories Of All Time

Ten is a lucky number!

At the time of publishing this article, YouTube is ten years old.  You’re also about to see the top ten most popular videos to surface on the platform in those years.

Note that all of the videos are from performing recording artists.  You might also find it interesting that one of the videos took four years to reach over 1 Billion views, where one of them reached that mark just this year in 6 months.

Here are your 1 Billion-view YouTube marketing winners:

The Only 10 Videos in the World That Have More Than 1 Billion Views on YouTube Infographic


Summing Up YouTube Marketing Success

Some pretty amazing stats there!

While our favorite musicians have clever video marketing teams, they are really just like you and I in that they place content on a social media platform accessible to most anyone.

This is the perfect example that social media is a level playing field for all.  We all have the opportunity to reach millions, and even billions of views.  The key is content optimization.

The big takeaway: 

YouTube marketing can be a clever, powerful component to any content marketing and social media marketing strategy.

1 Billion Bits Of Enthusiasm Over To You

Your turn!

Were you surprised by the videos that had reached 1 billion views?

How about the amount of time it took to reach that popularity?

What else intrigued you about the details above?

Please share your thoughts and questions with me in the comments box below… 🙂

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