Do you have a favorite blogger?  Wish you had their content marketing secrets to increase the ROI for your efforts? We give you 5 best blogging tips here…

Guest post by David Smith

Wish you had the best content marketing secrets from your favorite blogger?

Can you think of your favorite blogger?  Just like that?

It probably isn’t too hard because you follow them on social media and read at least two or three posts each week – depending on how often they post.

As you sit there in awe of not only their artistic ability to craft words and phrases in such a unique form but also at their ability to gain so much attention and feedback on their posts…

You probably find yourself wondering: What are their secrets?

Before we get there, let’s address this question:

Did you know that blogging is a form of content marketing?

You will find successful bloggers all follow a set of guidelines.  Below, we’ll detail 5 content marketing secrets of your favorite blogger.

But first…

What is content marketing?

By definition, content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating content and sharing it online via social media posts, blogs, and/or videos.

Typically, the content does not openly promote a specific brand, but rather it is intended to stimulate interest in the creator’s products or services.

Think of it like this:

Your favorite blogger writes a blog post on a few trendy professional outfits for millennials.  In that post, they also link to a few clothing sites who sponsor them. While they did not openly come out and say:

“Buy ___ brand clothing!”

They did generate your interest in clothing for that occasion, leading you to click on the link and possibly make a purchase.

So, the success really comes down to how you market your content.

Your favorite bloggers’ 5 favorite content marketing secrets 

Shhh, remember, these are a secret:

1. They utilize guest blogging

While content marketing via your own blog and your own organic content is great, guest blogging plays a vital role in introducing your brand to a whole new audience. A smart blogger will try to appear on as many sites as possible and also invite other bloggers to appear on theirs.

2. They use online editing tools

Assuming that your favorite blogger is probably a pretty big deal online, they don’t want to be in the spotlight for a grammar or spelling error.  Not only can errors distract readers from the focus of the content, they can also alter the message, hinder credibility, or even keep the article from being distributed.

Even the best bloggers still use online editing software to ensure the quality of their content.

Tip: Online tools are your friend – Websites like Gedlynk can make repetitive tasks a breeze.

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3. They use plugins

Have you ever wondered how much time bloggers spend sharing their post on all the social media sites once they have written it?  The answer for many is actually, almost none.

Thanks to plugins, your content can be instantly shared across social media and other networking platforms.

4. They spend time promoting their content

So, what is it that they do with all the time they saved on sharing via plugins?  They use that time to promote their written work. While you are likely to get a few views here and there by simply sydicating the content on social media; promotion is the key.

Of all the content marketing secrets, this is the most important:

Spend as much time promoting the content as you do writing it – promote via newsletters, emails, and even in person with the clients themselves.

A simple, “Have you checked out our blog recently?” can bring additional page visits and desired results.

5. They use directional cues in their images 

Directional cues can be as valuable as ad placement.

Here, without even realizing it, the reader’s eye is pointed in the direction the author wants them to go.

For example, if you are posting a picture of a person’s face, try to have their eyes line up on the screen to where they are pointing toward a CTA (call to action) button.

You will be amazed at what strategic placement and a few subtle hints will do.

Content Marketing Secrets Summary

Thanks to the abundance of social media sites and the vast advancements in technology, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways of marketing.  However, because of the abundance of people on the Internet, there is a lot of competitive for reader attention.

The key is to put time into creating quality content – Make it relatable, make it informative, and make it valuable to the reader.

Then share, share, share!

The more people who see your awesome content, the more optimal ROI achieved.

What are your favorite content marketing secrets?  Please share with us in the comments! 🙂


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