Are you in it to win it? If you’re playing the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like you like meeting new people, and you are enthused about building your business or organization! Game Co-hosts have noticed that “Early Achievers”:

Idea Girl Media & More In Media mentor small business owners with Like Achievements with the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like

Original image inspired by Milton Bradley’s Game Of LIFE

  • Are creative.
  • Interact each day liking new pages.
  • Check the Event Page frequently.
  • Post their Facebook Page link once per day.
  • Start early on Like Achievements.


What’s A “Like Achievement?”

They are fun Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like activities meant to give participants hands-on experience with Facebook Best Practices.

Like Achievements also earn you points toward winning the game!

Here they are in one quick-access list:

7 Fun Achievements For Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like

#1 – Expose’

In the spirit of Facebook’s new trend toward verbs – actions – Post a picture of yourself and/or your staff DOING something that relates with your business or operation.  Examples: Leading a class, re-arranging your shop, designing flyers, etc.

The photo should not simply be an image of an item you sell — There must be action happening.

Special instructions: Post to both the Idea Girl Media & More In Media Page Walls; Tag your page on both posts.

Points value = 10 points.

#2 – Lights, Camera, Action!

Create an introduction video for your organization and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.  This should introduce key staff and highlight your focus, purpose, or cause.  If you have an introductory video made, make another that features a newer product or service.

Special Instructions: Post the YouTube or Vimeo link to your Fan Page Wall and tag the Idea Girl Media & More In Media Facebook Pages.  (You may want to try a YouTube app to bring all of your videos to your Facebook Page).

Points Value = 20 points.

#3 – Launch Above Your Competition (3 Parts)

1) Read the first chapter of, Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition,  This is FREE.

Special Instructions: Leave a comment on the Launch Page tagging the Game Of Like Event Page.

Points value = 15 points.

2) Purchase Mike Stelzner’s book, “Launch,” and post a picture of yourself with the book on the Idea Girl Media & More In Media Facebook Page Walls.

Special Instructions: Tag your page when you post the photos.  It does not matter where you purchase the book.  My trusted bookseller is Books ‘N’ More – They can special order the book for you and have it shipped within a few short days. [Note: That is my affiliate link, but as my gift to you and the retailer, and in support of the ‘Buy Local’ spirit, I am forfeiting any commissions].

Points value = 30 points.

3) Post a book review for “Launch,” on Amazon.

Special Instructions: Note your participation in the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like in the review & post that you completed this on the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like event page wall.

Points value = 10 points.

Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like 5-Image Banner for Idea Girl Media#4 – Beautify Your Branding

Create a 5-image banner with a holiday theme for the top of your Facebook Page.

You will need to tag your page for all 5 images.  Officially, the size is 98 x 68px for each image.

Special Instructions: Post and tag the name of your page and that you have completed this Like Achievement on the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like Event Page wall.

Points value = 25 points.

#5 – Buddy Up!

Find a Facebook Page new to you in another geographic location on the Game Of Like list.  Make a plan to collaborate on a project that fits both of your business needs.

This activity may be posted as a feature for the game!  We suggest collaborating on your pages too by tagging each other in Wall conversations.

Special Instructions: Email the plan to – This information should be emailed as soon as you have it.

Points Value = 15 points.

#6 – Ignite Your Facebook Presence

Post as your page on the Idea Girl Media and More In Media Facebook Pages.  Also post on 10 or more Facebook Pages in your geographic area to interact and encourage business relationships.  Tag the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like event page if the conversation leads to their curiosity of Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game of Like.

Special Instructions: Please be respectful and observe Facebook Etiquette, as well as industry etiquette.

Points value = 10 points.

#7 – Blog About It

With all the talk about Facebook – now with 800 Million active users – This is a great opportunity to utilize a hot topic and get some eyeballs for your blog!  And meld your audience with a network of 2 Million+ while you’re at it!

All you have to do is write a write a blog post before October 25, 2011 with the following Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like ingredients:

A link to each of the two Facebook Pages earns you an extra credit point, but not required (see below for exact links).

Special Instructions: Once you’ve published your blog post, post the link to it on the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like event page wall so we can visit and comment!

Points value = 50 points.

Helpful Links

Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like Event Page:

Idea Girl Media on Facebook:

More In Media on Facebook:

A few Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like Tips

  • Game Co-hosts are tabulating every day.
  • Some Like Achievements take a bit more planning than others.
  • Each Like Achievement has different instructions.
  • The Like Achievements are designed to help small business owners & non-profit stakeholders learn Facebook Marketing techniques that will take them into the future with social media success!
  • Those that complete Like Achievements have a greater possibility of winning the Game of Like!  (2 grand prize winners!!)  🙂

What questions do you have about Like Achievements?

Please put them in the comments box below…