Did someone say Prize? I’m currently co-hosting a Facebook Event called Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game of Like with Dorien Morin-van Dam of More In Media. One might think, “Game Of Like,” =  “Get more fans for your Facebook Page.” But it’s really more than that.  It’s about…

Idea Girl Media utilizes the 2010 Visual Map of Facebook Relationships by Paul Butler to explain the goals of Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like

Image Credit: Paul Butler

  • Meeting new people.
  • Learning about new Pages.
  • Understanding who is out there.
  • Developing & nurturing relationships.

And building a community of people that will evangelize your brand.

The key words are: Relationships and Community.

You don’t get either by simply hovering over a page name and blindly clicking the Like button!

How To Like Other Pages To Nurture Relationships And Community

It takes jumping in and being part of the map of Facebook Friends above.  As a Facebook Page Admin, there are a number of ways to do that:

  • Go to the other page.
  • Look around – What are they about?
  • Click “Like.” (if you indeed want to Like them)
  • Participate in discussion – Comment & Like their posts.
  • Work toward becoming friends.

Also say hello!  Leave an original comment by typing in the status update bar and tagging your page.

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains the importance of engaging when liking a Facebook Page

Notice the blue words signaling the tag!




Here are the benefits:

  • It lets them know you were there.
  • Lets them know a bit about you.
  • Notes your page respectfully and invites the Admin(s) to your Facebook Page.
  • Opens the door to further communication.
  • Fuels the possibilities of establishing a know/like/trust factor.

Usually a responsive Page Admin will click the tag link to see who has visited and will be happy to “like” your page if you engage with them.

That’s right engage.  Communicate. 

Playing Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like To Win

Our game is really a learning exercise to strengthen your skills and put you on a path that will help you succeed into the future.

But we will reward two winners.  Those in the top spots with seven days to go are actually engaging:

  • Liking (all pages).
  • Tagging.
  • Commenting.
  • Blogging.
  • Using their creativity.
  • And even tweeting.

Dorien, my co-host provides some quick video tips:

Pretty easy stuff!

How Do You Win The Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like?

You qualify to win the game by:

  • Liking all the Pages that are entered into the game (as yourself).
  • Correct participation in daily game posts on the Idea Girl Media & More In Media Facebook Pages.
  • Completing “Like Achievements.”
  • Helping to promote the game.

Like Achievements” can be completed at any time during the the 10-day game.

Points will be awarded for each part of the game – We reward for creativity.

You get out of it what you put into playing!

What Can You Win Playing The Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like?

Two (2) players will win the following:

  • Feature image of their Facebook Page in the grand announcement blog posts.
  • Personal photo included with the Facebook Page image in the blog posts.
  • Link to their website and Facebook Page in the announcement post.
  • Month-long November feature on Idea Girl Media & More In Media Facebook Pages.
  • Follow-up feature articles by Idea Girl Media or More In Media (to include Q&A interview about you and your business, images from your Facebook Page and Business, and your unique contributions to the Facebook Game Of Like).

The follow-up posts will be within a few weeks of the grand prize winners announcement and will also be circulated to a network of 2 million+ people.

But Dorien & I would like to think that there is an EVEN BIGGER prize…

Engagement And The Real Prize In The Facebook Game Of Like

If you engage and communicate, follow all the recommended steps, and pay attention to the tips, you’re sure to succeed…

All the new friends and business contacts will rev-up your Facebook Page, and your personal network, just in time for the holidays!!

It’s the ultimate Pay Day — You win twice

So, we’d like to think that everyone wins the Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like.  🙂

Here’s the Event Page again: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146831888749549

How do you view winning?

Who do you think wins the game?