Are you now working from home? You probably want the best home office setup for productivity if you work with in design, content production or other creative fields. Here are five visual home office ideas…

Home Office Setup Checklist

For entrepreneurs that spend many hours at their desk per week, it is important they have a work station that provides everything they need to facilitate productivity. We’ve heard sitting is killing us, right? It’s important to nurture our health. We need the right equipment and setup in place to do our best work, day or night.

It’s all about the desk and where it is placed in the workspace. Below, you’ll see a handy guide with home office setup ideas for designers, producers and other professional creatives. But first…

When setting up a home office for remote work, it really should be arranged like one you would find in an office building. You need appropriate lighting that allows for optimal vision. Fixtures should be placed in a strategic spot that’s not going let in direct sunlight that affects the viewpoint of your computer screen.

If you do spend hours in your chair working, the right ergonomic furniture is essential to keep you fit and healthy. You want to ensure your back and body is correctly supported so you are not causing long-term damage. The right type of desk can also encourage good posture.

Visuals and sounds are important to graphic designers, content producers and other creative professionals. Prioritize sizing of screens and quality of sound in the workspace. Tip: This can sometimes be a challenge when creating a space for working from home.

Learn about all this and more with this handy infographic guide by Autonomous. Here are healthful home office setup tips for professional creatives.

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