Back to school. After COVID, that’s what it felt like in many business environments. So it makes sense to look at learning environments for inspiration in our new working world. Here are four ways to refresh the office after many were working from home…

Will heading back to the office feel like ‘Back To School’ shopping for business owners?

There are numerous possibilities that determine whether a business is successful. One of the crucial factors often overlooked is the business property, or office space.

Using the office space correctly can help companies attract and keep the best clients and employees. If you are looking for the right way to design the layout your office space, you might want to think about a school environment for inspiration.

We’ve listed four reasons this is a smart choice. Here’s why business owners need to go ‘back to school.’


It matters how your team members relate with each other. School environments are designed to be engaging. The structure ensures children will be more productive throughout the day. That’s why it’s rare to see blank school walls.

Taking this idea into an office space, office walls should be decorated in a stimulating way as well. You should think carefully about color choices. Research shows that certain colors can have a positive impact on levels of creativity and innovation.

It's back to school for business owners as they consider emotional triggers of colors
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What is the quality of your workplace appearance? It’s important to think about how your business environment looks to team members and clients.

Furniture and accessories are used to stop a school from looking cluttered or messy. For example, preschool cubbies are used to keep personal items neat. Consider this mindset for the business office.

Essentially, you need to ensure there is a space for everything and everything is in its place. Do this and you will impress clients as well as new potential employees alike.


It might not seem like it, but school environments are usually comfortable for students. However, this can be a balancing act.

If it’s too comfortable, this is going to negatively impact levels of productivity. For an office environment it makes sense to invest in furniture that will be comfortable for a long day. Ergonomic furniture is smart as it can help prevent issues like RSI.


Think about your business environment and how this impacts the performance of employees. One of the ways schools maintain a healthy environment is by keeping it green. In turn, consider adding plants and shrubs around your office space.

There are two reasons for this. First, it will help create a biophilic design. Second, adding plants will help keep air clean and clear from dust and toxins. You will literally create a space that is healthier and safer for your team.

Conclusion: Back To School Supplies = Workplace Inspiration

We hope this helps you understand some of the key variables that business owners need to consider to make their office space work well. Also why it’s worth looking at school environments for inspiration.

Going ‘back to school’ for office design and presentation could provide several significant benefits.