Idea Girl Media discusses uploading photos to facebook via video sharingAre you new to Facebook?

Or do you feel there are so many changes it is hard to keep up?

It seems Facebook is always changing – Many are in the same camp with you!

Recently, a friend of mine asked how to upload a photo to Facebook.  We are Facebook friends as well – so I was happy to show her.  🙂

Here is a video I made for my friend on how to upload a photo to Facebook:

In the video above, we also talked about tagging photos and tagging etiquette.

Facebook offers several options for updating and sharing.  It seemed appropriate to also show how to upload several photos.

Below, a quick video on uploading an album to Facebook:

Above, we also talk about editing information about the photo album.

Creating the videos was a great opportunity for me to share information with a friend in a way that she could share it with others.

And I had some fun too!  🙂

What curiosities do you have about Facebook?

Are there things I left out about creating terrific photo albums?

Please leave a comment in the box below!