Facebook’s Graph Search will allow people to search their own Internet & makes the world smaller. Discover what that really means for users and marketers!

Facebook’s Graph Search might be unsafe?

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Facebook Graph Search via CNET

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Facebook Graph Search – image credit: CNET

Well, not exactly.  Not if you prepare…

Facebook Graph – Background Search

As of January 15, 2013, Facebook users will be able to search their social web.  This function will gradually roll out to all users.

Why is this important?

Instead of searching the Internet with search results vast and broad, you can search your social circles for details personalized to you.

Example Searches:

  • “Friends that like coffee.”
  • “Pages liked by people who like Idea Girl Media.”
  • “Which of my friends work in Washington, DC?”
  • “Photos of friends at Inauguration 2013.”

This allows you to utilize your social network, and makes the world seem a little smaller.

What will be searchable?

  • People.
  • Photos.
  • Places.
  • Interests.

For now.  There are waves of development planned, so stay tuned.  Mark Zuckerberg has promised users the ability to search music and restaurants (Chicago Tribune).

The CEO of Zynga stated during a live broadcast, “I think it’s a shame that we don’t have a platform that knows you are at the airport, checks you in, finds that your flight has been cancelled, and recommends places for you to eat, games you can play, and books you can buy to read while you wait.”

Got your wheels spinning?


Facebook’s Graph Search announcement recorded live at their Online Newsroom.

Computers Are As Good As Their Programmers

Not to spoil the party, but all of this groovy Facebook search stuff is dependent on what YOU make available for people to find.

Stated another way: You decide how people can find you on Facebook.

…It’s all in your settings.  😉

Facebook Search For You And Me

This is the perfect excuse to get your personal “Facebook House” in order.  In doing so, be thinking of accuracy and safety for yourself and your friends.

Edit personal settings to prepare for Facebook's Graph Search, explained by Keri Jaehing of Idea Girl Media

Facebook Timeline Cover Area – Access & Edit Settings

Your Facebook Info Inventory – A Checklist

Personal – Update & edit:

  • Contact Information
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Relationship Status & Family Members
  • Pages (That you own)
  • Events on your Timeline
  • Photos
  • Likes

Your Friends – Are your lists as you want them?  Would it be best to make a few lists (family, close friends, co-workers, etc.)?  Clean it up and be comfortable.  If you have Subscribers (Followers) turned on, check this list as well as those you subscribe to.  Re-arrange if needed.

Your Photos – Take a tour through your albums.  Add descriptions where you feel appropriate, check the tags in each photo to be accurate and kind, and un-tag yourself in any photos you do not wish to be found for.

Your Likes – Are there pages you do not visit anymore due to changed interest?  Edit to fit your preference.

Your Facebook Timeline – Take a tour by year.  Yes, go through each year and check details of important milestones and events, see that posts are listed as you wish, and that if someone were to find your profile, you would not be afraid of what they see.

Very importantly, check to see if you have a private messages or “messages sent to you” box in each year beginning with the year you logged onto Facebook.  This may include private messages exchanged, and you will probably want to hide that box from your Timeline while you’re there.

Your Facebook Apps Inventory – A Checklist

All the fun stuff!

What’s connected – Update & edit:

  • Notes (do a TMI check)
  • Events
  • Map
  • Music
  • Readers
  • Games
  • Pinterest
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • Others

What do you want people to find?  Check your settings on these, and consider how you connect with your mobile phone.  Are you comfortable?

NOTE: When you get to your personal settings lists, go through all of your apps and disconnect apps you have not used in 4-6 months and more.  Also check settings for each app you will continue to use.  If you do not want applications to post in the news feed for you, choose the setting “only me,” to continue to use as you have been, but prevent your friends seeing that you use a specific application and/or see their marketing messages.

Your Personal Settings – A Checklist

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can contact me?
  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?

Click on those panels at the upper right and edit as you will – This is a “quick fix.”  Here, you can choose who can see or find your details in these categories:

  • Public.
  • Friends.
  • Friends except acquaintances.
  • Only me.
  • Custom.

Your personalized contact lists will also be there.

I recommend clicking the “See more settings,” word link, and going through each category of settings on the left to decide who can see what for each item.

Check all Faceboo privacy settings when preparing for Facebook's Graph Search, explains Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media

Facebook Privacy Settings & Tools – Check Them All!

As stated above, pay special attention to your apps section, and be sure you are comfortable with which you keep, and the settings for each.

Keep in mind that Facebook Graph Search will head to mobile.  Be ready by preparing your settings and plans to interact now.

What smartphone apps will you use or not use?  How will you choose to connect with Facebook?

While you’re getting your Facebook House in order, visit your Inbox and delete old messages, and clear out that “Other” folder.

For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Hey, all you Page Admins, stand up and clap your hands!  Facebook Graph Search will eventually be quite advantageous for you.

You will be able to search fans of your Page, fans of other Pages, and people that like multiple pages when thinking of targeting demographics.  And that’s just scratching the surface!

Facebook is partnering with large companies to create apps that will benefit Facebook Page Admins in Facebook Graph Search

Facebook and App Partners

Facebook and partners of Facebook are working on development of apps that will be attractive for entrepreneurs and small business owners in reaching their fans and followers.

Remember the example I gave above about being delayed at the airport?  How about being on the suggested list to grab a cup of coffee?  Or that book to purchase comes from your business?


Think about it: The heads of these technologies want possibilities just like you do, and their imaginations are driving to get these capabilities to YOU.

Facebook Page Admins should make their text key word rich when preparing for Facebook's Graph Search

Target your key words in all text sections on your Facebook Page!

The Facebook Page Admin Checklist

You’ll follow the checklists above, but from the Page Admin perspective…

  • About – Is this key word rich?
  • Likes – Is your brand connected strategically?
  • Timeline – Are your milestones & events noted correctly?
  • Photos – Do they all have descriptions & appropriate tags?
  • Apps – Too many? Not enough? How are your settings?
  • Facebook Ads – Brush up on how to write ad copy!

You want to focus on key words and what Facebook users will eventually search for in their terms.

Facebook Advertising has historically been cost-friendly with the ability to drill down into demographics like no other advertising program.

If you have not done any advertising on Facebook, now is the time to observe the pros, watch your competitors, and experiment with a few ads yourself.  The ability to reach people with Facebook Graph Search should be amazing, even though it is dependent on what information people make available.


Help People Discover Your Business


Final Steps To Prepare For Facebook’s Graph Search

After you’ve considered the above points, and made your edits and adjustments, do another “self-check.”  Ask yourself, “Am I safely, yet optimally, connectible on Facebook?”

Consider that question as both a Facebook user, and as a Facebook Page Admin.

Want in on the fun?


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Will you use Facebook Graph Search?

What concerns do you have about being found or not found?

Please share your questions and concerns in the comments box below…  🙂