Encouraging your audience to live tweet during your business event can actually help boost your social media and brand awareness. But how can you maximize this amazing marketing strategy? Here are four tips you can add to your list of business marketing strategies…

Four Reasons To Partner With Influencers That Live Tweet Your Business Event

When you are hosting a business event, you need to create a buzz around it. That doesn’t just apply before the event, it’s also important while the event is still going on.

The beauty of modern technology means that people can live tweet your event while they’re there. Everybody that isn’t attending will be so envious that they definitely won’t miss the next one. In fact, they may want to tweet and be part of the conversation as well! It’s great for your business brand.

So, if you are hosting an event, you need to do everything in your power to get people engaged and tweeting for the duration. But how exactly can you do that?

Here are tips and techniques for getting people to live tweet your business event.

Choose The Right Hashtag 

When people are live tweeting an event, it’s important that others can follow along. So you need a good hashtag. Picking the right hashtag makes a huge difference as to whether people are likely to live tweet or not.

If you go for something too long and complicated, that immediately puts people off. You also need to make sure that it’s recognizable as your event hashtag, so choose something that is an obvious abbreviation of the event name.

Finally, double-check that no other events held at the same time are using a similar hashtag. This will alleviate confusion and keep somebody from live tweeting your event using another event hashtag. 

Put Branding Everywhere

Put branding everywhere so people can live tweet your event and give you the best brand awareness explains Idea Girl Media

Branding is always important at a business event so your company is recognizable. You need to put branded items everywhere to help people to live tweet and showcase your company. This is crucial for two reasons:

  • Interesting displays and branded items give something for people to photograph.
  • It means that your brand is in the background of every live shot, so it’s all over social media when people start live tweeting.

So, get a good display banner and put your logo up with strategic placement. The more creative you get with your branding, the more likely it is to end up in a photo people can re-tweet online. 

Recruit Your Own Live Tweeters 

Sometimes, people need a little push to get the ball rolling. If other people are already live tweeting, they are more inclined to make their own posts. The problem is, getting the first person to kick things off. So, recruit your own live tweeters.

Start making posts of your own and if you have any acquaintances that are helping out with the event, ask them to do the same. The rest of the guests should soon follow suit. 

Discuss Live Tweeting With Your Speakers

If you have expert speakers at your event, you need to discuss live tweeting with them beforehand. Some people might not like their portion of the event being put on social media for whatever reason. It is important to be respectful.

Talk with all speakers in the scheduling phase before the event and understand their opinion on live tweeting. Some event planners make it a requirement that a certain number of tweets will be made in specific ways by each speaker. You should decide what is best for your plans.

Live Tweet For The Win

If you can get people to live tweet your event, it really takes things to a new level. Everyone gets so much more out of it. These tips will help you encourage people to get involved, and your team to manage it in a favorable way.