Are you looking for a way to stay current on latest trends in your industry?  Master productivity, entrepreneurship, the modern workplace, money, and more from 10 productivity experts worth following on LinkedIn.  Guest author, Casey Meehan, shares a great list of professionals that lead by example…

Guest post by Casey Meehan

Who are Good Productivity Experts Worth Following On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is useful beyond just having a profile and a network of professional contacts.

In fact, if you are looking for a way to stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry, you need to be active on this platform. What’s more, LinkedIn has thousands of experts from whom you can learn about productivity, entrepreneurship, the modern workplace, money and more.

Below are 10 productivity experts worth following on LinkedIn. Although their areas of expertise are different, they have managed to stay on top of their professions by learning, practicing and mastering how to be productive.

Each will teach you a thing or two on how to succeed, manage your time and money, understand the future, and place yourself at a strategic point to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Lets meet these influencers to follow on LinkedIn… 

1. Liz Ryan

The Founder of Human Workplace, Liz Ryan spent years as a human resources executive at some Fortune 500 companies. Today, she writes about the different ways we can reinvent work. She also uses her skills to coach job seekers on how to get exciting and fulfilling jobs in their areas of expertise.

Additionally, Ryan provides impactful advice for leaders and managers on team motivation and company improvement. All of her posts surround the same theme: work is only rewarding, efficient, productive, and fun when it is less mechanical and more human.

2. James Altucher

If you have an entrepreneurial fire burning inside you, consider activating it and becoming more productive by following James Altucher. A venture capitalist, chess master, successful entrepreneur and author, he mostly focuses his writing on the most embarrassing and painful situations in his life.

Both personal and a bit uncomfortable, his writing will help you view the world in a whole new light. What better to get inspired into productive than by changing your mindset? 

3. Jill Schlesinger 

A Business Analyst at CBS News, Jill Schlesinger writes about anything with a dollar sign — investing, marketing, and the economy. Her goal is to help everyone understand complicated economic and business news.

Through her writing, Schlesinger makes it possible for ordinary people to get what they need to know in an easily digestible way, minus all the financial jargon.

4. Gretchen Rubin 

In the search for success, your productivity can be hindered by sadness and unhappiness. Another of the productivity experts on LinkedIn you should follow, Gretchen Rubin will help you see how your habits correlate directly to your happiness. By so doing, you will always feel better at home or at work — which will culminate in higher productivity.

5. Jeff Selingo

A lecturer at Arizona State University, Jeff Selingo has also reported on universities and colleges for 17+ years. Today, he writes about the broader economy as it relates to education. By following him, you will learn why it’s sometimes useful to decline scholarships, the future of the manufacturing industry, and the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the workforce of the future.

6. David Sable

The Global CEO at Young & Rubicam, David Sable will inspire you to learn around the clock and spearhead your productivity in the process. By following him and his personal routine, you will end up reading more, listening, conversing with more people, and asking questions. 

7. Betty Liu

The CEO and Founder at Radiate Inc., Betty Liu is also a Bloomberg Television anchor who has had the chance to sit down with the brightest and best in the business world, including Elon Musk and Warren Buffett.

Follow her on LinkedIn to understand how to be a better leader and manager, as well as how to gain access to (almost) anyone you are interested in meeting.

8. Tor Refsland

Hindered by the procrastination trap? Then you might want to follow Tor Refsland. A business coach, Tor teaches followers how to free up their time to spend in ways they like. Follow him to learn how to double your productivity in as little as seven days.

9. Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam has written many books on productivity and time management. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune and Fast Company. Follow her for some actionable productivity tips.

10. Brian Tracy

CEO and Chairman of Brian Tracy International, Brian Tracy specializes in the development and training of organizations and individuals. He is also a consultant, speaker and coach in the fields of psychology, philosophy, business, history and economics — the very epitome of a fulfilling career and one of the productivity experts on LinkedIn you should follow.

Experts Worth Following On LinkedIn – Summing It Up

So, there you have it – Ten productivity experts worth following on LinkedIn.  It is a great list of influential people to follow on LinkedIn that lead by example, and will offer professional insights to make you a better leader in your profession.

Have you clicked to follow each of them yet?  🙂

About The Author

Casey Meehan - Guest Author at Idea Girl Media about Productivity Experts Worth Following on LinkedIn

Casey Meehan is the founder of a digital agency in Chicago, and that role has taught him a lot about productivity the hard way. You can find him on Twitter.