Businesses using social media are many. If they have not already, law firms need to discover the advantages of social media marketing to attract new clients to their firm and stay connected with loyal clients…

Using Social Media For Business – Points For All Law Firms To Consider

When we think of social media marketing, it makes sense to think of big brands such as fast food chains, clothing stores and giants of the toy and entertainment industry popping up on your newsfeed. But if you run a legal firm, the idea of tapping into the social media market can seem implausible.

Sure, you may have a Facebook page and all your business information available for those who come looking for you specifically, but could you be doing more with your online channels?

Facebook advertising for lawyers is becoming increasingly popular, with an increasing number of firms making social media their biggest form of marketing and advertising. But what kind of benefits can law firms expect to see when they use social ads?

Read on to discover four reasons your law firm should be using social media. 

You’re Creating Brand Awareness

People spend a huge amount of time using social media every day and that’s the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your brand and get your name on every newsfeed in your immediate area. By doing so, you’re effectively creating brand awareness and letting potential clients know that you’re ready to take on their legal cases.

So, if a legal issue does arise – rather than scrolling through endless search engine results – instead, they’ll come straight to you and your law firm.

You Can Engage With Them Constantly

Online interactions are much more convenient and much faster than a lengthy and potentially expensive phone call. If used correctly, you can use social media to engage with prospective clients, whether they have a legal question, or they want to ask something specific about your firm.

You can also post informative pieces on legal matters that may be of interest to certain parties, such as family law or personal injury. In turn, you make yourself a resourceful fountain of knowledge that can be tapped into at any time.

It’s this kind of engagement that will attract more clients.

You Build A Sense Of Trust

Legal firms who seemingly hide behind a flashy website may look professional. However, clients are looking for someone who will make them feel listened to. They want you to help them through what could be the most difficult time of their lives. Building a sense of trust and personability is crucial.

Social media gives your firm a face and shows your human side. Whether you’re offering tips or posting about what happened in your office today, if you appear human and you’re able to relate to the concerns and plights of potential clients, then they’re more likely to choose you over a competitor.

You Can Improve Your Social Media Ranking

As a business, being found on Google is essential. The closer to the top of the search results the better. Regularly updated social media pages is something that Google likes, so by staying active on your platforms and regularly engaging with potential clients and followers, the higher up the rankings your business will be.

This is true for legal firms as well as other professional and service business types.