When we think SEO, Google is the next thought most of the time, right? Pleasing the “Google Gods” gets trickier as technology evolves. Here are three tips to positively affect your website rankings into the future…

Three Savvy Techniques To Optimize SEO For Websites In 2019 And Beyond

The art of staying visible on the web is always changing, and unless you’re an SEO specialist, it can be tough to stay on top of the ever-evolving trends.

There is so much global competition. And web user attention spans are perilously short. Making the right decisions about the structure and content of your website can literally make the difference between a profitable business and sinking without a trace.

In 2019 and beyond, what are the factors that make all the difference for your website to be seen and, in turn, connect with customers? Let’s delve deeper into how artificial intelligence affects SEO

Stay Connected With Your Customers

Audience insight has always been a big factor of how successful your business will be. In 2019 and beyond will be even more important.

Understanding exactly:

  • Who is browsing your site
  • What they are trying to achieve
  • How they want that information

Should be an ongoing topic of research. You can use:

Make it your mission to design and deliver an experience that will serve your audience best.

Think about new ways of presenting your information. For example, if you are selling roofing systems, investigate content types like infographics showing how a new roof could save homeowners money on their energy bill. If you sell parts to restore cars, a video series showing enthusiasts how to replace and restore their vehicles could be a wise strategy.

Audience tastes, interests and preferences can change quite rapidly. Stay aware of them and respond quickly. Additionally, meeting Google user intent is becoming increasingly important. Websites that focus on this effectively will be rewarded in the search rankings.

Correctly Structure Your Data

The impact of Artificial Intelligence systems on your website’s ranking and usability is also becoming crucial – you need to structure your data in an accessible way.

Google is showing signs of moving from a smartphone centric, mobile-first to an AI-first model. So, cutting down the time it takes for AI to crawl your website is imperative. Introducing concepts such as a schema to your website, along with recognizing active and passive search behaviors that signal intent will pay dividends.

You will need to prioritize understanding how to create the ideal information architecture for your website. This deals with the signals you can send that help search engines understand how you should ideally be ranked. The clearest route is always the best.

Focus On Quality Content

The latest set of algorithm updates from Google showed an even more intense focus on quality content as the driver of search ranking. The depth and breadth of a website’s content is now even more important than ever! The best in-depth user experiences will be rewarded by Google to a greater extent over the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

Churning out substandard content that does not serve user needs, or follow a logical theme will be the death knell in the rankings for many sites going forward. Implementing a rich and cohesive content marketing strategy will be an absolutely indispensable plan for your business.