Many new entrepreneurs underestimate the number of product development steps they will actually go through. This article spotlights how to go from idea to product to launch to profits in four steps…

The Product Development Strategy All Entrepreneurs Need

Leading entrepreneurs know there are several steps to climb before launching a new business. Especially if going to market with a one-of-a-kind product. You want:

  • Your product to be great
  • Your customers to believe in you and your products and services
  • The public to trust your new brand

No matter how many businesses you’ve run before, launching a new product is a different ballgame. Let’s take a close look at four essential product development tips for entrepreneurs

Ask For Feedback

No matter how objective you think you are, you can’t look at your own product in the same way a customer would. You may not see flaws in the way that someone with no invested interest could. Your idea might seem great to you. But before you can judge whether or not it’s a product of value to others, you need to get feedback. Bounce your ideas off of friends and colleagues.

If everyone around you isn’t sure if your product is something they would invest in, then you will need to make adjustments. Expect to go through a few re-designs before releasing the best possible product.

There are a good number of professional product development teams that specialize in taking a product from idea to market with profitable success. Do your research! A company like may be able to help you flourish to an awesome finished product. 

Product Development Stages

First, create a working prototype. In theory, many options can work well, but the challenge is to create something that realistically works at an affordable price.

You will also need to sample different materials and test several combinations to find a solid solution. Then, don’t settle.

Thoroughly test your functional prototype and get accurate data before launching. Be absolutely sure it solves your customer pain point in an innovative way.

You will always find bugs – Correct them in the prototype stage, not at launch. 

Product Development Stages

Invest In Consumer Analysis And Focus Groups

Spend time analyzing the market before finalizing a product. It can be financially destructive to spend your time and resources on something that lacks demand. 

So, once you have a good working prototype, customer feedback will be incredibly important. If the idea is to satisfy a need for consumers, both good and bad feedback will be helpful to you.

Don’t give up on something if you receive some negative feedback. Instead, use that information to improve your idea or product if you have proven there is a market for it.

Product Development Marketing

What is the phrase? The one with the best marketing plan wins.

Develop a strategic marketing plan.

No matter how great your product is, your sales will flounder without a well-designed marketing strategy to push the product. A successful marketing campaign will identify:

  • Your ideal customer
  • What they want to hear
  • What they need to hear

And show them where to get it.

In other words, you need to target the right consumer in the right way that best suits them. For example, if your target audience is older, then social media marketing is probably not the best way to approach them.

Study the marketing tactics of your competitors. Determine what works and what doesn’t from the point of view of a consumer. A solid product marketing strategy can make the difference to how well your product will be received by the masses.