You may have been given advice on how to create a brand identity and positive brand image. A high priority for every new business wanting loyal customers. Here are four steps to creating a memorable brand impression…

4 Principles To Remember When Trying To Make a Memorable Brand Impression For Your Business

For many people, starting up a new business and stepping into the life of an entrepreneur full-time, is an incredible opportunity, and frequently the realization of a dream that has been growing for many years.

There is a growing trend towards web-based entrepreneurship. Thankfully, there are now incredible tools, technologies, and platforms that make entrepreneurship a more accessible and realistic pursuit. We’re also seeing lower required overheads and upfront financial investment.

To experience success, you will need to overcome entrepreneurial hurdles. That will be easier if you prioritize a brand strategy that includes:

All geared toward continually building brand awareness and positive brand recognition.

Here’s how to make a memorable brand impression that will move your business forward and set you apart from your competition.

Advertising And Marketing Requires Creativity And Intelligence

Have you ever taken a moment to notice just how saturated the world is today with advertisements and marketing campaigns?

  • Busy roads are surrounded by billboards
  • TV channels have ads every few minutes
  • The Internet is full of digital marketing campaigns and banners
  • Adverts flood radio and audio-based services such as Spotify

And on and on.

Consequence: The average individual today has far more sophisticated expectations of the advertising and marketing materials before they will engage.

If you look at Television ads from the 1950s, you will likely be amused at how simple and even cartoonish they were. The explanation for this is that advertisements were more rare – especially through new channels such as television. Prospective customers didn’t need as much to grab their attention or sophisticated formulation in order to be convinced.

Advertising And Marketing Requires Creativity And Intelligence For A Memorable Brand Image

Today, things are quite different. Customers are more “advertising jaded” than ever before. For any business striving to make a memorable brand impression through their marketing materials they must be more clever.

If you look at recent highly successful content marketing examples, you will notice that they all manage to “break the mold” in one way or another. They were able to put a creative spin on subject matter that was outside of normal consumer expectations.

Calculated creativity is essential for making a memorable brand impression with your target markets.

It’s Not About What You Sell

It might be that a product or service of yours is extremely advanced, useful, and has the potential to revolutionize your industry. That’s certainly great. But in the absence of an effective marketing campaign, the relative qualities of your offering will be overlooked. Or worse, quickly copied and supplanted by a more competitive brand.

The simple truth is that making a memorable brand impression about your business has more to do with embedding a memorable image or idea in the public consciousness than it has to do with the specific details of your product or service.

Consider some of the big brand symbols that exist in the world today:

Those companies are so firmly established in the public consciousness because they have managed to create symbols and motifs that have been successfully embedded in the collective public psyche, through repetition, and interesting and memorable marketing campaigns.

On Reputation, Play The Long Game

Professional integrity is essential for ethical and moral reasons. But it is also essential for developing and safeguarding the long-term professional reputation of your company.

Just one bad and unscrupulous move can easily make an otherwise successful business “fall off the map” overnight. There are thousands of cases, some you could probably discuss instantly, to prove that point.

It is possible for a business that lacks all professional integrity to make a substantial amount of money and to enjoy a substantial amount of success in the short term. But it is almost unheard of for such a business to endure the long-term, and to develop a positive and lasting reputation. Think years and decades into the future.

A Memorable Brand Impression Requires Dedication And Commitment

A singular effective marketing campaign can work wonders in terms of generating brand awareness for your company. At the same time, it is unlikely that any such campaign will have lasting recognition if it’s not being backed up with consistent daily actions and efforts.

Making a memorable brand impression – and sustaining it – requires consistency. You must be committed to daily efforts that are part of your business systems in every department of your operation. Involve your entire team in customer experience.

Big one-off gestures are fun and necessary, but should not be a large part of your brand strategy.