If your brand will have a booth at a trade show, you’re probably looking for cool promotional items. You want to be edgy … relevant. Here are four promotional gift ideas that will knock your audience’s socks off!

4 Promotional Gift Ideas To Include In Your Event Marketing Strategy

Getting people to notice your brand isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a small business trying to make it, big or a large corporation fighting against other titans, exposure and awareness are incredibly important.

Arguably one of the best ways to get exposure is to attend and host a booth at a trade show or event. With thousands of potential clients walking the floors, there are many opportunities to grow your business and get noticed.

One of the best strategies for getting your name out there and build brand awareness is to have a reason to reach out to the crowd. And nothing says “hello!” better than giving out promotional items.

But how can you set yourself apart from the tacky and boring promo swag most companies give away? Here are unique promotional gift ideas that actually work at a trade show.

4 Promotional Gift Ideas To Include In Your Event Marketing Strategy

Branded Battery Banks

While most people attend trade shows with several battery banks to keep their devices charged up, why not brand battery banks with your logo and/or website address and give them out at your booth? Consider providing some generic charging cables as well.

Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of people with dying phones and laptops flocking to your booth! This is a great way to provide a helpful service with no cost to attendees while also breaking the ice with potential clients.


If you predict there to be rain during the event then branded umbrellas can be a brilliant way to get more exposure. Put your branding or logo on top of the umbrella and let it do some of the advertising for you.

This is essentially free advertising for your booth or brand especially if it is an outdoor event. Plus, it’ll keep guests dry when they want to be.

Custom Socks

Most events and trade shows last several days, meaning it’s probably held in a hotel where people sleep once the excitement dies down. Why not give them a comfortable way to relax or something to show off to their friends with a pair of comfortable custom socks?

You can click here to find out more about custom socks and how you can add your own brand name, designs and logo onto them. Of creative promotional products ideas, this is unique, sought-after swag that will certainly stand out and get you noticed.

Branded Fidget Toys

Fidget toys and stress balls are extremely popular promotional gifts because they’re small, pocketable and help beat boredom at events. Whether it’s waiting in line to see an exhibit or sitting around waiting for a keynote speaker to start, people love to have something to fidget with.

If you bring branded fidget toys and give them out at key moments, you will find a considerable audience comes running to you.

Getting Promotional Gift Ideas Right

In order to boost your brand awareness, you may have to do things that are outside the norm. Focus on efforts that make you:

  • Stand out
  • Unique
  • Different

Of course, being different isn’t always a good thing. But if you do it with good intentions and provide something special, it could be what converts a potential client into a paying customer.