Feel like you need some expert advice to propel your company to the next level? Here are five insightful questions to ask when choosing the right business coach for you and your awesome company…

Business coaching programs are increasingly popular. Here’s how to find a top business coach that fits your professional needs.

As an entrepreneur starting a brand-new company or the owner of an established company, you’ve probably realized what a valuable asset an expert business coach can be. Whether you’re looking to get your new enterprise off the ground or aiming to expand and take it to the next level, you absolutely need the assistance of a professional who can guide you in the right direction.

Looking for an expert executive coach isn’t all that difficult. According to IBIS World, the U.S. business coaching industry earned a revenue of $10 billion between the years 2013 to 2018. Close to 95,770 people worked individually or with 52,882 business coaching services companies providing guidance and assistance to business owners.

While these figures should reassure you that the right fit is out there, they may also overwhelm you.

  • What does a business coach do?
  • How will you know that a particular professional has the necessary skills and knowledge of your industry?
  • How can you find the right specialist who is familiar with your line of work?  

All you need to do is ask the right questions. Interview prospective candidates carefully and conduct extensive research before you hire the right person for the job.

Here are five questions to ask when choosing the right business coach for you and your growing enterprise…

Here's how to find a top business coach that fits your professional needs - explained at Idea Girl Media

1. Have You Owned A Business Before?

One of the best ways to gain proficiency is experience. An adept business coach is one who has owned or currently owns a company of their own and has learned the intricacies of running a business by actually doing it. 
A good example would be business expert Arman Sadeghi. His Titanium Success provides proven, practical insights on how to operate a profitable enterprise.  He owns several successful companies proving that he is a reliable source of advice. One of his favorite quotes: “Setting up a company and dealing with the challenges of its day-to-day management teaches you several important lessons.”

2. Do You Have The Credentials To Prove Your Capabilities?

A good step when looking for an expert business coach is to consider the institution where he or she has trained, and if they are a member of prestigious organizations. You can also ask trusted sources within your company and circle of contacts for references.

These sources can include:

  • Your HR head
  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • Financial planner

Or any other professional contact that you respect.

Check online for reviews of companies the coach has assisted in the past. If they have released books, videos, articles, blogs, or podcasts, go through them to see if they display the skills you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that a great coach is likely to have a unique methodology that she has developed herself instead of adopting strategies from her peers.

Idea Girl Media answers the question: Do You Have The Credentials To Prove Your Capabilities As A Business Coach?

3. Do You Have An Understanding Of My Company’s Industry?

Choosing a business coach who has an understanding of how your industry works is most optimal. You’ll have the advantage of gaining insights to overcome barriers from a capable professional who knows the industry well.

On the flip side, hire a professional who respects that your company has a unique selling proposition (USP), and will not insist that you follow the industry’s present modalities of operations. That USP could be the reason why you have an edge over the competition.

This innovative guide to finding the right business coach explains how looking for a coach who is an expert in related industries can also prove to be an asset. You could gain valuable information about additional possible markets you can capture with your products and services, and an understanding of how to design contracts with clients.

4. Can You Provide The Objective Analysis My Company Needs?

A great executive coach is one who can provide a keen analysis of your business and inform you clearly on its strengths and weaknesses without sugarcoating their words. Using his recommendations, you should be able to build on his recommendations and use them to advance your enterprise.

In addition, the coach should provide the essential insights into how you can overcome the challenges you’ve been facing. At a certain point, a capable and reputable coach will tell you that the company is doing great and does not need his assistance anymore.

As My Business Coach Can You Provide The Objective Analysis My Company Needs? - A question Idea Girl Media helps you answer. 5. Can I Rely On You To Commit To The Success Of My Company?

The prime objective of a small business coach is to help your company succeed. She should be able to work with your team and lead them in identifying solutions to the challenges they face.

A qualified expert brings out the best in people and helps them recognize their talents and potential. At the same time, she should be able to provide informed opinions of what strategy is more likely to work while confidently directing away from ideas that are not viable.

Additional Pointers You May Want To Keep In Mind

Once you have the answers to the above question, you should have a fair view of the expertise of the candidate. But, before you finalize the best professional who will be taking your company forward, here are a few more great tips:

  • When reviewing the resume of the candidate, study the skills set listed. You’ll need a partner with talents that compliment your own yet compensates for the areas where you lack. For example: advanced advertising and marketing skills, product improvement, and hiring top talent.
  • During the interview, determine if you are of the same mindset as the business coach. If you think you can develop a good rapport and mutual respect, proceed forward and hire them.
  • During the interview, make sure to discuss the fees and contractual details. Choose a candidate who is upfront about the expected compensation.
  • Confidentiality is another key aspect of business coaching. Discuss the code of ethics the consultant and his organization follows.

Finding the right business coach to assist you with the development and growth of your company needs quite careful thought. However, once you find the right professional, you can look forward to expert advice and guidance that can ensure the long-term success of your awesome enterprise.