Have you been looking for correct cyber security information? This visual map of facts on cybersecurity will help small business owners protect themselves and their small businesses in 2019 and beyond…

Guest post by Chris Usatenko

What Small Business Owners Need To Know Now About Cybersecurity

It seems frequently enough we hear about a new huge data breach, leaking millions of individuals’ personal information and costing a fortune. Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, eBay…

The biggest corporations aren’t even immune to cyberattacks. In turn, we hear about millions and billions of dollars in damages — amounts that are unimaginable to real people like you and me. These disastrous breaches happen from time to time but hundreds of smaller cybercrime incidents happen every day, usually to smaller businesses.

We shouldn’t be surprised considering the consistent sharp rise of the cybercrime rates in recent years. Cybercrime has become so lucrative that the increasing numbers of young IT experts are turning to it. From their perspective: Why not, when some of the most known cybercriminals’ take is serious bucks from stealing and ransoming personal information and other data?

If you are an owner of a small business, you especially should be on guard. Cybercriminals are more focused on your type of business because that is where they expect the least resistance.

Cybersecurity News: Of all cyberattacks up to today, small businesses were the victims in 43% of the cases.

Human error is the most common cause of a successful cyberattacks. This is because people are still not educated enough on:

  • Importance of strong passwords
  • Phishing
  • Simple yet effective cybercriminal methods

The majority of people use the same passwords for all online services they use, which is the easiest way to access personal and financial information. 

It is necessary to stay updated regarding news about cybersecurity in order to keep your company and yourself safe. Check out the handy visual for 2019 and beyond: Cybersecurity facts for small business owners [infographic].

Cyber security or cybersecurity – No matter how you write it, pronounce it, or consider it, you need to take take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your small business. Consider contacting cybersecurity companies that specialize in servicing your niche.

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