Social media consultants have been meeting via video calling since before it was cool. Here, two social media pros discuss Coronavirus global pandemic and how to vote safely during 2020 and every year. Watch and listen…

Can two social media consultants have a fun and objective conversation about voting and the 2020 election? Yes, indeed!

Note: The video in this article was posted to YouTube prior to publishing this article. However, it seemed appropriate to make it available here for future reference.

Social media consultants usually chat about:

  • Latest social media trends
  • Current social media strategies
  • Recent changes on social networks
  • Digital marketing tips, tools and techniques
  • The best niche podcasts

As well as what big brands and public figures are doing successfully on the social platforms.

You, our reader, might consider social media consultants for:

And how your brand might succeed with a podcast.

But then … 2020.

Taking Care Of Business

My friend, Klaudia and I have known each other since Social Media Success Summits over a decade ago. In Internet years, that’s equivalent to … forever! Back then the goal was to learn how to be a good social media manager and master running social media consultant companies.

Today, I run a boutique social media marketing agency. Klaudia trains older adults to use current technologies and she is the host of the #GroovyTakeOn podcast.

Many social media professionals work from home, or are mobile entrepreneurs working from their laptops. It is common to keep up with colleagues on Zoom-type video calls as a usual way of doing business. We check in on each other. It became even more the case for many as the world fell victim to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

2020: A Global Pandemic + Telecommunication + A General Election In The United States = An Imperfect Storm

We began chatting via Facebook Messenger about:

  • The pandemic
  • Conditions in our locations
  • Business woes

We share a common heritage, so we often touch on international culture. Klaudia is a naturalized citizen of the United States. So, I’m always interested in her views on how things are going in our country.

Eventually our conversation veered to the political temperature relative to Election 2020. A sensitive topic for many. Have you ever seen politically oriented posts on social media? We both noted people disagreeing on social media posts. And how disruptive it can be — to the platform environment and to friendships.

Social Media Pros Keepin’ It Cool

Klaudia and I, however, were able to keep it objective. We both believe voting in an election is important for every U.S. citizen of age. But we noticed people were actually scared to go vote in-person in 2020. They didn’t feel it was safe and feared catching COVID-19.

As government officials began to encourage mail-in voting or absentee voting for the general election in 2020, this became an uber-sensitive topic for a lot of people … more so over time.

We wanted people to think objectively about voting in 2020, and to make a plan to vote that made sense without fear. So, the two of us thought it would be fun to record something you could watch or listen to, and even refer back to, if needed.

Two Social Media Consultants Discuss Voting During A Global Pandemic

This video is meant to let you peek at our conversation. You will learn:

  • Our shared heritage
  • Klaudia’s history of immigration
  • My experience with international people and their view on America and voting
  • Klaudia’s experience becoming a naturalized citizen and voting for the first time
  • How you can safely vote, in-person during a pandemic

Klaudia is on the set of her podcast, and I am in a corner of my kitchen being remodeled when we recorded.

The last few minutes might make you giggle (that’s AOK). ?

Go here for voter information about elections that are pertinent to you in any year.