At the start, top social media apps begin as unique social networks. It takes time and compelling ingenuity for them to gain popularity. And then the innovators win our digital attention for the long-term. Here’s how…

Social Networks: What Attracts Us To Them For The Long-Term

Social networks experienced a boom in their platforms’ growth, considerably influencing how people interact. Many applications have jockeyed for top position, but few have maintained over time. Those that have remained have a clear strategy:


In this article we will discuss the newest apps where innovations have been most popular by users on:

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

The biggest metric changes have occurred in these three.

Let’s take a closer look at why innovation is the secret to longevity for social networks.

Social Networks: What Attracts Us To Them For The Long-Term

The Innovation Of Social Media Applications And Social Networks

The most common applications have been working on innovation for a long time, precisely because they have understood that it is the only way to remain and compete for the user’s preference. By innovating, they offer distinct advantages including greater security in information and form. In turn, users are provided with a variety of uses for the application.


This network has become a very successful messaging tool since its birth in 2009. Thanks to its fame, several modifications allow the user to have a better experience when handling it. Many brands now use Whatsapp for customer communication and customers service assist them with help for the products they buy and to inform them of deliveries.

Whatsapp has imitated the functions of Snapchat and was later integrated with Instagram. WhatsApp allows its users to broadcast a status image or video to Instagram Stories. Stories last only 24 hours on their profile.

With the launch of this update, it is expected that this mode will gradually replace “texts” with audiovisual material. It is an effective way for brands to start sharing messages and informative text.

For example, if your business is within the world of photography and uses a virtual photo booth, you can transfer imagery through any social platform. 


Although it was an application that could only be used with a Smartphone, it also works on tablet and laptop. Its initial function was to:

  • Edit
  • Crop
  • Add effects

To the photos and videos to be published and shared with friends.

Over time the platform changed and currently thrives on the tremendously successful Instagram Stories that allows users to broadcast live content relevant to their followers. This was born to attract the attention of Snapchat followers, who, until then, had the upper hand.

Owned by Facebook, the mobile platform always offered the opportunity to publish images, videos, and eventually boomerangs in a single post. Brands can choose to publish snapshots of their stores or new products in fun and innovative ways.

Many have used this tool to boost their sales through ecommerce. That trend is only growing. Especially for those engaging in influencer marketing.


Unfortunately, time passes, and Twitter has struggled to keep up with the rest of the social networks. Sadly, they announce that it has only increased its number of followers by 4%, reaching 319 million users per month.

This is because Twitter chooses to use a different communication method. It had been based mostly on text as opposed to imagery. Topics there tend to be heavily driven by day-to-day problems and even politics.

However, this doesn’t mean Twitter is not a part of many social media portfolios. It is a great way to connect with your customer base to ensure that they have the help that they need 24 hours a day. Hashtags are also helpful in tracking online conversations.