Have business consultants been discussing personal branding with you? As an entrepreneur, what is your personal brand? This article takes you through four reasons why personal branding is important as well as best practices…

How Not To Repel Customers With Your Personal Brand

Are you the front line of your business? Then you’re the person most likely to:

In turn, you must invest in your personal brand. We’re not just talking about entrepreneurial clout-chasing. The right tactics actually help you close sales and win customers.

Is your personal brand helping you win or lose customers? Let’s find out…

Presentation Is Key

As an entrepreneur and business leader, you want to make the right impression with all of your contacts. If that is online, you have about three seconds. In person? A bit longer.

While you might want to think that the results you provide will speak for themselves, a lot of people are going to be judging their first impressions by appearance. You’ll want to:

  • Invest in appropriate business fashion
  • Maintain good posture
  • Practice positive and powerful body language

Meet in positive settings, be it a well-kept office or a comfortable cafe. This can make a big difference in winning the confidence of your clients right from the start.

How can social media be important to your personal brand and reputation?

Do you have a distinct personality that impacts your clients? Do you inspire people in ways that makes them want to share about your company? Then you might want to start playing a more active role in your marketing.

If you have not already, learn how to build your personal brand on social media. This can include taking the time to share your thoughts on social media more often, or even being the face of the business through video marketing.

Being able to put a face to the brand can make your target market more likely to forge a personal connection with you and your business brand.

Carry Branded Items With You

One of the easiest ways to leave a branded impact on your client is quite common. Carry business cards with you. The reason: You won’t miss an opportunity to leave an impression of professionalism bringing more connection with your visual branding.

Don’t underestimate the impact of quality business cards. They can leave an effective impression that might surprise you. Of course, they’re also useful because if you have a great meeting, your potential client has a physical reminder. The business card makes it a lot more likely they will be in touch.

Be Respectful Of Your Client’s Time

If you want your client to believe that you respect and appreciate their time, then you must make an effort to respect it. This means you are:

  • Always punctual
  • Quick with responses
  • Never late to a meeting

Make use of a scheduling app so you’re always aware of what client meetings and obligations are on your calendar. Also note: It all starts with respecting your own time.

Final Thoughts On Your Personal Brand

When strategizing your personal brand, think long-term. Your personal brand can be a powerful tool to earning new clients and ensuring the longevity of your business. There is no shortage of business owners who squander. Don’t be one of those statistics.