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How To Develop A Good Business Reputation

Posted 31st of August 2021 by Idea Girl Media

How To Develop A Good Business Reputation explained at Idea Girl Media

How to build a good reputation in business? An important question to answer for new business owners and startup entrepreneurs before launch. This article covers three characteristics contributing to positive business reputation followed by smart business leaders…

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How To Hire Top Talent

Posted 18th of August 2021 by Idea Girl Media

How To Hire Top Talent - detailed at Idea Girl Media

Are you planning out how to hire the best candidate for an important role within your company? Top priority should be given to quality employee recruitment and retention. This article covers strategies to hire top talent for your business and ideas for keeping them…

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Why Employee Wellbeing Is Good For Business

Posted 3rd of June 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Taking care of employee wellbeing is just as essential in your business as any other business strategy you have. Here are reasons why outlined at Idea Girl Media.

This isn’t being emphasized enough: Employee wellbeing can make or break the status and the direction of your organization. Their physical and mental health status can impact their output, which can affect yours too. Here are three reasons you should include it in your company agenda…

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