Hold off on your search on business computers for sale just yet. It’s not always about needing new. Often all that is needed are some adjustments within your team, minor policy changes and security upgrades…

How To Keep Your Small Business Computers Speedy And Secure

Slow computers can bring your company’s productivity to a grinding halt. Consider that your employees rely on their computers to complete most of their daily tasks.

It’s impossible for them to be productive if they have to wait for ages for new equipment. But more importantly, have long waiting periods every time they open a new file or load a webpage. 

How To Keep Your Small Business Computers Speedy And Secure

The obvious solution to this is to regularly replace all of your computers. But that will get expensive … fast. The good news is, you might not need to if you carry out some basic maintenance to keep your computers running smoothly.

Do you really need to replace slow business computers? These are some of the simplest ways to speed up your business computers and avoid having to replace them so often.

Clear Out The Junk

The most common reason computers slow down is they are filled with “digital clutter.” If you can clear the storage, you will notice a big increase in speed. This is relatively easy to do.

Start by looking at all of the software that is installed on your computers. Many businesses update software and fail to delete old programs when they do. So their computers are clogged up with outdated applications that they haven’t used for years.

Get rid of those old applications to free up space. You should also clear out old files, especially if you find duplicates. It happens – When employees are working on documents and sending them back and forth, they often end up with lots of copies of the same thing. There are some great programs that quickly find and delete duplicate files. You can easily find instruction on how to do it online.

Also look through the rest of your files and get rid of anything that you don’t absolutely need on the computer. Anything that needs to be kept but doesn’t need to be used on a day to day basis can be loaded onto an external storage device. 

Defrag Your Hard Drive 

When you store files on your computer, the data gets sorted into different sections, and this causes fragmentation of the hard drive. The more fragments you have, the harder it is for the computer to locate the file that you are looking for. That is a reason it takes longer to load files and applications.

Defrag your hard drive with a tool that you find in your computer settings. This should make a BIG difference. Doing this once every six months or so should help keep your computers running smoothly. 

Prioritize Security For Your Business Computers

Viruses and malware are another common cause of slow computers, which is why it’s essential that you keep on top of your online security.

If you notice that your computer suddenly slows down, there is a good chance that it may have been infected with a virus of some kind. Scan it and remove any viruses, and then consider improving our security systems to patch any vulnerabilities. 

Final Thoughts

Although business computers will need to be replaced from time to time, you should try these simple tricks first to see if that makes the difference you need.