Is cryptocurrency a good investment? A question many are asking right now! Globally, use of it is definitely becoming more commonplace. This article outlines five advantages of investing in cryptocurrency…

Investing In Cryptocurrency For Beginners

If you are on the fence about cryptocurrencies at the moment and want to know what the positive aspects of owning cryptocurrency, this article is meant for you. Crypto has skyrocketed in popularity, and it’s not just big investors that are buying a range of digital currencies.

People from all backgrounds are learning the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies for themselves. What are the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency? After a bit of research, you will also likely see several advantages. We list five below.


Payments are processed quicker than ever. But even the fastest will need to go through several checks and can often get stuck in a queue.

If you’ve ever had a PayPal payment held for review, you know how annoying it can be. on the other hand, when using cryptocurrency, you won’t have the same issue. It is designed for speed. 


Cryptocurrency can be used by anyone. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone.

Comparing the process of creating an account at a conventional financial institution to setting up a bitcoin wallet, the latter is incredibly quick. There is no:

  • ID check
  • Credit check
  • Background check

You can use any platform you would like, including those that have account managers like bitcoin smarter.


When you move money from your bank account to an eWallet or vice versa, you will notice that there are often added charges. Some transfers can even run with fees well above $30.00 USD. 

Cryptocurrencies are less expensive by a considerable amount. You will notice that when there is more happening on the blockchain, costs can increase. However, in general, it will be less expensive than many of the traditional transfer options even when the blockchain is in high demand.


While there are many levels of security attached to buying, transferring, and other transactions with fiat currency, investing in cryptocurrency offers more. The transactions are more secure due to how the blockchain works.

Each user needs their own keys. Without the keys, you cannot access the currency. Nor can anyone else.

Each transaction on the blockchain is verified using a network of computers. The blockchain cannot be modified by just anyone.

How cryptocurrency works: It would take a huge amount of computing power and multiple blocks to even attempt it. It would be more expensive to attack the blockchain than what the person would stand to gain. 


Owning cryptocurrency isn’t the same as having an account with a bank. With an account at a financial institution, they require you to provide a lot of personal details, and you become identifiable.

With cryptocurrency, you can stay anonymous. While you have an identifier on the blockchain, it holds no specific information about you. 

Investing In Cryptocurrency With Your Eyes Wide Open

Cryptocurrency has changed how people look at money and how much can be used on the internet. Cryptocurrencies are being used more often to buy things online, as well as in games.

It’s not just people that can benefit from investing in cryptocurrency. There are advantages for businesses too.