Why is engaging the audience important? Relationships. Revenues. This article details how to engage your audience on social media and also fun ways to engage an audience with new methods and technologies…

Engage Your Audience With A Strategy And Limitless Creativity

Building relationships with your audience, potential leads, and loyal customers is a huge part of building a successful business. It’s also a huge part of staying at the top.

If you can attract and retain the people you need, you’re going to have a much easier time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to start a small business and grow it into a huge global empire, or whether you’re just looking to raise awareness for a certain topic. Engaging with your audience is vital. Also, your brand’s reputation develops over time as a result of nurturing relationships with real people!

You probably already know several ways you can gain attention and market your business, but there truly are hundreds of exciting ways you can engage with your audience. When it comes to building relationships with people, your creativity should know very little bounds.

Let’s explore seven exciting ways to engage your audience below.

Work With Influencers They Love

Every single person on this planet has someone that they look up to try to emulate. Some people garner a lot more attention from others for whatever reason. When they do something or say something, they have tons of people behind them wishing them well or trying to express their admiration for them.

Many companies have latched onto this kind of behavior and used it as a way to gather awareness and sell more products. We call it Influencer Marketing.

A great way to engage with your target audience is to find someone in that niche and collaborate with them. Your target audience will be inclined to listen to them, so you’ll have a good chance of getting your message to a desired audience. They’ll start to associate you with the influencer, and, in turn, a relationship will be slowly nurtured. You’ll go from mutual friends to warmer connections in a short time.

Send Them Messages

Contacting subscribers directly is obviously a great way to engage. People receive a small rush of endorphins when they receive any form of message – whether it be verbally or on their phone.

Humans enjoy communication and attention. At the same time, they don’t want to be over-solicited or spammed. That can have an adverse effect and detract from your obvious goals.

Sending out frequent text message or alerts might be a little too pushy. However, there are ways of messaging to be part of their lives without overwhelming them.

Have you heard of ringless voicemails? They get attention when your subscribers aren’t busy. Things like voicemail drops are a great idea because most people feel the need to frequently check their voicemails, so they’ll be compelled to listen to what you have to say. Again, they’ll not be bothered. Voicemail drops are just one way you can stealthily get your message across.

Dropping regular, scheduled emails into potential leads and subscribers’ inboxes is always a great way to engage with them. Email marketing campaigns are proven to work, and they’re utilized by pretty much every business in some way. People watch out for the daily or weekly update and become excited about your messages – Especially if you offer coupons, discounts, specials or incentives. 

Create An Engaging Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is basically a path that you’ll lead your audience through in the hope that they will purchase from you and become a loyal customer. You’ve probably been a part of a sales funnel online. They go a little like this:

  • First impressions
  • Registering interest
  • Following up your interest by browsing
  • Purchasing an item

And then remain loyal to that company. Use that template to create something that’s relevant to your business or project.

Host An Event To Engage Your Audience

Events usually make a buzz. Whether it’s something massive of something pretty tame, it generates interests.

Your main goal in terms of marketing is to get more attention and create a lot more interest. Events will do precisely that. People will see that you have the wherewithal to host a large gathering and see you as reliable and professional.

You could use social media to announce different points, and put details on your website. Once the event has finished, people will remember it and want to know more about your business and what you do.

Host An Event To Engage Your Audience

Get Involved With What’s Trending

Most people are massively interested in the latest trends:

  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • News
  • Technology

And a whole host of life topics that garner interest. This is magnified on social media. Trending topics tend to dominate the likes of:

And other social networks.

Taking advantage of this could give you an increase in engagement you need. People like seeing creative content that’s relatable in current ways. Fresh and relevant is revitalizing.

Run A Competition To Engage Your Audience

It’s all about giving your audience an added incentive. There aren’t many better ways than giving them the chance to win something.

People love achievements and winning – it’s addictive. When they participate once they want to do it again and feel the rush over and over again.

If you can provide your target markets with that motivation, then they’ll start to psychologically associate you with positive feelings. Competitions tend to attract many people. The idea of getting something for doing very little is enticing!

Create Exciting Video Content

Video content is statistically the most engaging of all content.

Watching something and taking in the information from it requires minimal effort, and that’s why our brains enjoy it so much. Even if the content isn’t really informative or interesting, people will still watch – even if only for a short time. Human brains enjoy fast-moving stimuli.

Try to create something fun and interesting that will win people over and keep them with you. Try:

  • Humorous content
  • Weird content
  • Behind the scenes
  • Live segments

All of those will help you engaging your audience.