The Coronavirus pandemic sent many brands into eCommerce holiday planning mode. Even if they were scurrying to put together an online store from scratch. Success requires a holiday eCommerce strategy…

Get Your Holiday eCommerce Strategy Ready To Sleigh Your Competition This Season

The upcoming holiday shopping season, starting from Black Friday and Cyber Monday and continuing all the way through to the January sales is sure to be unique post-Coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has created an environment of commercial and economic instability. Obvious health and safety worries will drive consumers in droves towards eCommerce for the best deals and a safe shopping experience.

Here are three steps to optimize your holiday eCommerce strategy and ensure success on your platforms this upcoming holiday season.

Plan Your Stock Levels

Stock levels will inevitably fluctuate during the last two months of the year. This includes Black Friday sales up to Christmas Day, and even the post-holiday sales. In turn, it is important to plan your stock levels and have a backup to get additional best-selling, popular items, if needed.

Give your customers the option to sign up for an email alert notifying them when a sold-out item they are searching for is back in stock. This benefits your customer in the interest of customer service. It also benefits your company, letting you know which items are popular and which items you should stock up on.

Focus On At-Home Experiences

Due to lock-downs and sheer safety concerns, the majority of consumers will be spending a majority of time indoors this holiday season. Therefore, your emphasis should be promoting items that can be used within the home.

Try creating a whole experience such as an in-home spa experience full of various bath and body products or a wine-tasting kit. These types of experience packages make up for the fact that consumers cannot currently experience these activities as they usually would this time of year.

Now that customers have few options than to be at home, most people will be looking for ways to make their time indoors as pleasant as possible during the holiday season. So, it would be wise rethink ways to promote items for the home appealing to your customers in bundles of more than one product such as:

  • Blankets
  • Books
  • Loungewear sets

Not only will you find your brand appealing to more customers, but you will also be increasing your revenue at the same time.

Put Rudolph On Your Website Navigation Structure And Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

If your website is not easy to navigate, customers will click away, not spending their money with your business. Even if they have the best intentions. If they can’t find the items that they are searching for, they will get frustrated and turn to your competitors. That means you are fueling your competitions’ profit margins.

Prioritize making your platform easy to navigate with a clear design. It is especially essential to your businesses success during the Christmas and holiday seasons. You want to offer your customers the best online customer experience possible.

Use easily integrated tools such as an eCommerce Search to allow consumers to find your products with ease. Include product thumbnails and descriptions, as well as a featured product results, based on seasonal keywords.

This helps customers find exactly what they want, or something similar, in an instant. Which means more profits for your company!