You have probably attended trade shows or big events as a spectator. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you may have been invited to attend or exhibit. Here are three reasons and tips an event marketing strategy is your golden ticket…

Are you aware of the importance of event marketing for your brand?

As a business owner, you should always be considering new ways to reach new customers as well as retaining existing clients. Along with conventional marketing methods such as:

You need to participate in other efforts that can attract new business opportunities and bring in more revenue. One such method is events.

Event marketing is one of the biggest avenues to reach new audiences. According to a study from Event Marketing Statistics, 95% of marketers say live events offer a chance for real-life connections. If this is something you are on the fence about, here are a few factors that may persuade you.

Here’s the ultimate guide to event marketing for smart business owners.

Reach New Audiences

No matter your field of business – whether you sell a physical product or offer a service such as AWS – events can help you attain feedback from potential customers. You can learn about what they are searching for and solve their pain point.

For example, if your potential customer wants to improve their aws spend, or if there is something their company is lacking, you can formulate a solution and offer it to them. You might also have the opportunity to present your offering and allow them to offer real-time feedback: Whether it is good, what can be improved and what they’d like to see you offer.

Reach New Potential Customers

When you only advertise your business in one way, such as through social media or on Google, you are restricted by who can be reached.

By doing an event, you open yourself up to a whole new world of interaction that otherwise might not have been available to you. In turn, you are exposed to new demographics and new opportunities.

Whether you offer an immersive event in a space such as a train station or shopping center with high traffic volumes, or at an industry conference, the potential is what you make it.

Event Marketing Enables You To Network With Other Industry Professionals

Network With Other Industry Professionals

As well as reaching potential new customers that are walking past or attending a conference, you also have the opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry. By doing so, you open the doors to a host of collaborative possibilities where you can work together or gain new insights, skills and information.

It’s always good to keep an eye on your competition too and events can offer you a chance to see what they are planning and plan something better. Networking shouldn’t  be underestimated, so make sure you’re prepared to speak and schmooze at your next event. 

Final Thoughts On Event Marketing For Your Business

These are just three reasons that event marketing is so important for your business. Whether you sell a physical product or a service, you can find your company will benefit from attending and presenting at niche gatherings.

If you have started working an event marketing strategy, what are some tips you have found that help? Please tell us in comments below. ?