Not sure if it is right for your business to go remote? Many businesses have done it successfully. The key is appropriate management and supervision. Here are three important considerations that make the difference…

Go Remote: Team Building And Technology Tips For Post-Pandemic Success

It’s a simple fact. The global pandemic changed business – all over the globe:

  • Lockdowns ensued
  • Strict governmental regulations were the norm
  • Most offices closed

Have you had to manage a dispersed staff as a result? Or maybe considering how that could work for your business long-term? Chances are you could welcome remote working into your business model.

To go forward in such a workplace environment, you need to think in a remote way … as a mobile entrepreneur. To be successful working from home requires a shift in thinking and management of workflow systems.

Is your business ready to go remote? Let’s find out.


You may be concerned that your staff team will become less productive when working from home. However, it is all about the quality of management and supervision.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, business leaders reported their workforce producing exceptional work. They were meeting, if not exceeding, their target goals.

Measuring productivity is different for remote teams. However, studies have shown that employees are often more productive long-term when they work remotely. This could be because:

  • Their morale is lifted
  • Their work-home life balance is more optimal
  • They may feel more empowered to make decisions

The key is formulating a remote work policy that every staff member can reasonably follow.


If it is difficult to connect to your network from a remote location, you are going to struggle to facilitate at-home working for your staff. This will have a detrimental impact on your business and its ability to compete and thrive.

Enable swift connectivity to your network as well as access to data and files. You can do this in a secure way by outsourcing your troubleshooting and IT solutions to a quality service provider like F1 Networks.

Specialists will ensure that any downtime is limited so your staff members aren’t stuck, twiddling their thumbs. Instead, cloud-based storage can be utilized to maintain productivity for your team.


To assure that your staff remains motivated, productive, and happy, you absolutely need to stay in touch. With the power of Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans and Zoom you can have a regular virtual Monday morning briefing. These services allow your team to stay connected and on track:

  • You can still ask for team member ideas and views on new initiatives
  • You can still inform stakeholders of future plans and target goals

Also think about the mental well-being of your employees. Working from home is a big shift, and they may need some support. The office camaraderie will exist very differently, so you need to replace this with other social avenues.

Consider holding a regular Friday afternoon Virtual Happy Hour that is wholly social. It can emulate the after-hours meet-up for drinks. This is not a time your team discusses work. Instead, everyone can relax in a more social environment, each bringing their favorite beverage.

Would Your Business Do Well To Go Remote? Final Thoughts.

While it can be challenging, if you implement smart parameters, your business can be successful. Use this guidance to help your team adjust to the new business structure as you go remote.