When you consider media consumption by generation, baby boomers and millennials have historically dominated the focus of marketing executives. How does Generation X consume media? They lead the way on important platforms…

Marketing To Gen X: How Will Generation X Consume Media?

Generation X is a group of people largely ignored by the Baby Boomers and overshadowed by the Millennials. This article will reveal a bit about:

  • Generation X characteristics
  • Generation X lifestyle and buying habits
  • Generation X preferences

We are witnessing something exciting and probably revolutionary. Streaming has become quite popular and it is Generation X that is leading the way forward. It’s bizarre, yet so fun to be a part of. And it’s big bucks! Advertisers that realize this now will be blessed in the future.

It’s been the most amazing journey that is set to change the world forever. Here’s how via folks that have studied media consumption by generation:

So, how does Generation X consume media? Let’s take a closer look…

What Is ‘Streaming’ (Livestreaming)?

Streaming is basically, live content of some kind. It’s not necessarily ‘live’ but it is content that is being transported to a screen in real-time.

It’s a bit confusing. ‘Live walking’ and streaming are not quite the same but they are in the same family of media category. Streaming can be considered as content that is being consumed live but can be paused, fast-forwarded and saved for later viewing. Again, it’s confusing but in practice is very simple.

For example, you can watch a live stream on YouTube, but you can pause the video, go back or watch it live and then, watch it afterward when it has been uploaded. Got that?

Streaming has become the most dynamic media form in the world. All across the globe, streaming is taking off. It’s not only streaming services, but regular people just streaming things they are doing in everyday life. There are multiple ways to access livestreams.

A Unique Structure

So how do you view something like Firestick? Check out the Firestick apps list first. When you know what kind of apps you would like to view, such as:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Hulu

Or others. You can then add them onto your home screen.

The content can be viewed by payment for each video or per show you watch. However, you can also “jailbreak” the Firestick and watch for free. This is something that Gen X has been pioneering.

The structure for streaming services is all about adding things you want and deleting or not adding things you don’t. This is why apps merge into a streaming platform and all that is used for some videos is your internet. YouTube videos are usually viewed at no cost.

How Will Generation X Consume Media? Videos Rule!

Videos Rule!

Streaming has given way to a new kind of content type. Videos are the main way that Gen X accesses content. That includes:

Videos are not the same as shows, as they are interactive at a much greater level. You can:

  • Speed up the video
  • Slow it down
  • Watch it with subtitles
  • Make the video player smaller or larger
  • Change the quality of the video
  • Add it to a list, etc.

Videos are usually short clips of content. That is great for Gen X who don’t watch shows one after the other anymore. Binge-watching seems to have subsided. They watch multiple shows at the same time now, so video content is the way forward. Hence, why YouTube is also streaming movies and more.

Summing Up: How Does Generation X Consume Media?

Companies that target Generation X will have an advantage in the long-run. Gen X has been forgotten by most marketers, and any effort to cater to this group will reap rewards. Especially on platforms they favor.

It’s the way of the world. Streaming has taken over and video content is the number one priority for many businesses. Gen X is starting to call the shots. Business executives, now’s the time.