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Social media has revolutionised the way that we live and work. It’s never been easier to find the products and services that you want. So, how as a small business can you take advantage of this new way to engage with your potential and current clients… let me show you.

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5 Advantages Of Using Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

Posted 23rd of February 2019 by Keri Jaehnig

5 Advantages Of Using Mobile Marketing displayed at Idea Girl Media in an infographic

Have you been considering a mobile marketing strategy? You might be wondering how to do mobile marketing – This article helps you understand that by exploring statistics and case studies of business brands that have experienced success…

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How To Improve Your Company’s Website

Posted 7th of January 2019 by Idea Girl Media

How To Improve Your Company’s Website a quick guide at Idea Girl Media

Are you looking for company website templates for your company’s website design? The insight in this article offers entrepreneurs, CMOs, and marketing managers solid insight for top-notch  marketing strategy, online presence, and brand voice so you can sail past your competition…

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