You’ve probably pondered modern technology advantages and disadvantages. But have you considered the opportunities for income? Here are three opportunities that probably work with things you’re already doing and require minimal effort…

Types Of Modern Technology That Offer Opportunity For Additional Income

Is it possible that as part of your business or as secondary income, you might be looking for something that can offer revenue with minimal effort on your part? It might sound too good to be true. However, there are actually some tech companies that will pay you and you don’t have to do much at all. 

The connected nature of the modern world means that many online platforms that pay can be used concurrently. For example, allowing data collection while you actively promote a social media campaign on behalf of another source.

Some of the best ways to make money from technology include:

As 5G expands, cell towers and antennas are going up all over the place and you can get paid for allowing their installation. Data collection apps can pay very little or a substantial amount depending on usage, and social media can be utilized to promote paid products or businesses.

Let’s explore in more detail modern technology businesses that pay you.

Cell Towers And Antennas

We can’t deny the expansion of mobile phone networks and specifically the 5G network. In turn, telecommunication companies involved in modern cell technology will pay for the privilege of either erecting towers on your land or installing antennas on your owned buildings.

The prices that they will pay can vary from company to company. Verizon cell tower leases are one of the best options. Verizon, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, can pay almost $1 million over the lifetime of a cell tower lease. The complex contracts involved however does mean that you will need to consult a business lawyer.

Modern Technology Devices And Data Collection Apps

These days there is an app for almost everything:

  • Counting steps
  • Organizing your life
  • Playing games
  • Controlling your home’s appliances

Cell phone and tablet apps are a great way to enhance your life. The nature of mobile technology means that data is constantly collected and there are apps by companies that like to collect that data. is an app that pays you for access to your personal data. The developer’s philosophy is that you readily hand over personal data all the time to companies like Google and Facebook who then use it for their own financial gain. So why shouldn’t you make money as well?

Data from mobile apps is aggregated and then shared with third parties who pay for the privilege of accessing it.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is an excellent tool when it comes to digital marketing and business promotion. You probably already use it to promote your own company and products. Why not use it to make some extra money by promoting someone else’s products and company?

Apps such as TRIBE Influencer and Takumi can earn you some extra cash for promotional campaigns. These work by creating specific posts and hashtags that mention or directly promote a particular product or company. If successful you will be paid for your time.

Some of these opportunities require a minimum number of followers, only use specific platforms and may offer products and services instead of cash payment. As an example, a meal at a particular restaurant, or an item to wear or put in your home.