There is a growing trend to go digital. In turn, law firms like yours must keep up. The good news is that you can use digital marketing to reach more potential clients and earn more profit. It all starts with data analytics. Here are three helpful pointers to jumpstart your journey into the online world…

Data Analytics: How can you use them to your advantage?

When it comes to growing a law firm, traditionally, lawyers relied on word of mouth and a stellar reputation. Success rates spoke for themselves and it would attract new clients. However, with the creation of alternatives to the traditional law firms, growing a successful law office needs more than just recommendations and a high win rate.

That’s not to say growth is impossible. Whatever the size of your firm or the resources available to do so, you just need to know where to start. This article will show you how to grow your law firm with data analytics.

Start With Data Collection

A great starting point is collecting data and studying that data. Legal data analytics can provide priceless insights into your firm. Understanding data analytics involves a process of collecting information and collating it to identify trends in your firm.

This information can be collected on almost any aspect of your law office. It could be:

  • Conversion rate of leads to clients
  • Client retention rates
  • Percentage of calls answered (or not)
  • Staff productivity rates

Whatever area of the business you want to understand there is a data point that can be collected and analyzed. 

By reviewing data analytics examples, you can get a better idea of what types of marketing are and are not working for your firm. You will be able to identify:

  • Your wasted resources
  • Effective operations within your firm
  • Where you can improve

For example, you may have a high rate of calls going unanswered. If this is the case, it is likely that client satisfaction will not be high.

Further, insights could identify personnel problems.

  • Are staff too stretched to answer all the incoming calls?
  • Do you need more support staff?
  • Are staff prioritizing incorrectly?

You can find solutions from collecting and analyzing your answers to these questions. It’s easy to see how collating data can improve the operations of your firm

Start With Data Collection And Data Analytics To Grow Your Law Firm

Have A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

While law firms have historically been averse to traditional advertising, they must not overlook online marketing. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way of increasing your firm’s awareness and recognition. 

By going digital with your marketing strategy it will allow you to tap into a previously untouched client base. Digital marketing is vast and can include:

Paying close attention to SEO is vital for digital marketing and business growth success. In Layman’s terms, it ensures that your firm is one of the first-page search results on Google. You will see this working in your favor once a potential client searches with your keywords that can bring them to your website.

For example, if you are a family law firm in Brooklyn, a potential client might search “family law specialists Brooklyn.” If you have an SEO strategy in tact, your firm should be one of the top ten results served to them by Google. This will increase the chances of a potential client clicking through to your website.

They might then go on to become an actual customer. 

Develop Other Marketing Strategies

As mentioned, digital marketing also utilizes content marketing and social media marketing. This is the process of creating or sharing content online through platforms such as:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasts

And other platforms.

When done correctly, your content will appear in front of people who are most likely to benefit from it. It will also increase your brand awareness and build trust between you and your potential client base.

Additionally, it with help establish your firm as an authoritative voice on the topics you share. 

The Final Word On Data Analytics

Digital marketing is a subtle way of getting in front of people. Law firms must utilize these services and the data analytics they render to stay ahead of competing law offices.