An increased number of companies have made it a point to become environmentally friendly examples of doing business post-pandemic. This involves choosing green-minded products, causes and collaborations. Here are four strategies small business can use too…

Environmentally Friendly Companies Use These Four Strategies

Using more environmentally friendly products gained a lot of momentum in 2021. Consumers are paying more attention to how companies:

  • Conduct business
  • Support causes
  • Nurture the environment

If you, as a business owner, want to truly make a difference, you really do need to assess how you can make your business a thriving success while also being kind to the planet.

To achieve this, here are some solutions that will help you and your brand be more sustainable. Let’s dig deeper on how your small business brand can be more environmentally friendly.

Advertise Online Instead Of Using Printed Content

Billions of people worldwide have access to the internet and social media. Do you really need to spend money and resources on printed advertorial content?

Instead choose to advertise your business online more often so that you are not wasting as much products on printing content that might not be so easily recyclable. Use social media as a solution to your advertising needs will be a lot kinder to our globe. Your brand will also achieve or exceed projected advertising campaign goals. 

Recycle and Reuse Unwanted Produce to be more economically friendly

Recycle And Reuse Unwanted Produce

Some companies are finding unique and innovative ways to recycle various materials so that, as a planet, we can learn not to waste certain resources.

Let’s say, for example, you are running a commercial food business. If you are left with a lot of produce at the end of the working day, instead of automatically throwing it away see whether it can instead be reused in some way.

You could utilize a company like Used Cooking Oils Recycling to help you repurpose your unwanted produce instead of automatically throwing it down into the garbage. A quick search online is the best way to see whether the product or commodity you currently stock can be reused so your brand is promoting an eco friendly lifestyle.

Establish Rapport With Local Suppliers

If you are spending time and energy transporting a commodity to your business location to complete your finished products, you are using a lot of transportation resources to produce the item. This could mean unnecessarily required energy just to materialize a particular product.

As a small business owner give effort to be more responsible by going into business with local suppliers. Boost the local economy while also reducing your carbon footprint. That will be a far kinder and environmentally friendly approach.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging And Be More Eco-Friendly

Does your company sell products instead of services?

Could your bottom line benefit from more efficient ways to reach the consumer?

Do your products really need to be covered in endless layers of bubble wrap and plastic packaging?

The answer is probably no. There are ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Use more eco-friendly alternatives such as recyclable cardboard or paper as opposed to harmful plastics, which are damaging to the environment.