Have you been getting a lot of negative customer feedback related with your brand’s website functionality? Is it rendering errors or abandoned customer carts? You need a company website redesign now to reverse those trends…

Your Ultimate Company Website Redesign Checklist

Have you ever noticed how some business websites you visit really aren’t fit for purpose? For example:

  • They have an illogical design and layout
  • The navigation is confusing
  • The site takes forever to load each page

The latter could be due to large background image files. Allowing those things on a company’s website will cause potential customers to go elsewhere, resulting in lost revenue for the firm in question.

You’re probably here because you have some doubts about your brand’s website, and you may be losing customers. You might be thinking it’s time for your website to receive a refresh or similar.

Here are seven reasons to do a company website redesign now.

1. It Doesn’t Show Up On Mobile Devices (You absolutely need a company website redesign!)

One of the most significant reasons you should re-launch your website is because it doesn’t work on mobile devices. It isn’t mobile responsive. The truth is, most people now access websites from smartphones and tablets rather than from desktop and laptop computers.

A new website with a mobile responsive design will mean that visitors can see your site as intended, no matter the device they use to access it. Surprisingly, you don’t need to maintain two separate websites for mobile and desktop devices.

2. It’s Full Of Friction

Maybe you have had comments from website visitors like, “I really wanted to buy your product, but I couldn’t get the website to let me.” This usually means elements of your website are not working appropriately, or multiples are not compatible together.

If this is the case, you’ve got complete justification for starting again with your online headquarters.

You want your website to make sense to visitors. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to access what they need on your website as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Make each page clear, easy for visitors to digest, and navigation simple (three clicks or less).

3. Pages Take Too Long To Load

It’s not just the design and layout of a website you must concentrate on. You should also look at how quickly (or slowly) the content on each web page takes to load.

Load time speed affects Google rankings and can be a result of several factors, such as:

  • Server resources
  • Physical location
  • Page content

If your existing site is not loading quickly, that usually means there is too much content on a single page to download in a reasonable time.

Consult a digital marketing team to help you best re-organize your content. Get a website cost estimate for company website redesign services. Launch a fresh new design where each page downloads in a fraction of the time.

4. It’s A Cookie-Cutter Website

Did you download or use a free website template for your site? If so, it might shock you to learn that thousands, if not millions, of other websites are likely using the same template, design, and even color scheme for their sites too.

Your website’s branding should be unique to your company. Visitors should understand they are at your business’ online HQ.

Consider having a custom layout and style done for your company website redesign so your brand can shine for its unique qualities.

You Need A Company Website Redesign When Your Team Can't Update It Easily

5. Your Team Can’t Update It Easily

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an online store or a static website with dynamic blog content. If your staff or colleagues are unable to update the site, it will always appear stale to visitors. Those people will likely take their business elsewhere.

Make it easy for your team to collaborate on your website by opting for a dependable, team-friendly platform like WordPress. At least 40% of Fortune 500 companies use websites formatted in WordPress. There must be a reason.

6. You Need A Company Website Redesign When Your Website Sales Are Low

Are the number of orders you receive each month through your website dwindling? If low conversion rates are occurring, you must prioritize improving your existing website and starting again with a fresh new design.

Your online home is also an online storefront. It must be:

  • Inviting
  • Enticing
  • Provoking

And the customer experience should be straightforward and pleasant. If you’re using an e-commerce platform with limited features, consider migrating to another solution that works better and offers more options.

7. People Can’t Find Your Brand’s Website On Google

Last but not least, do you find your website visitor numbers are not optimal? If so, the reason might be due to your current site design making it hard for Google to crawl and index.

Googlebot, the search engine’s “spider”, scans through the text and multimedia content of each page. If it can’t access what it wants to see, it won’t include your page on its search engine.

Consider signing up to a Google Search Console account to help diagnose possible causes, such as an incorrectly-configured htaccess file.