Have you ever wondered what people ask Google? What wacky details are in the collective search history? This infographic gives you the amazing details!

A Unique Exploration Of Google Search History That Could Impact Your Business

Good things are worth searching for, even if they are often hilarious, sometimes weird and a little crazy.

At Serpstat, the all-in-one SEO platform, they recently conducted uncommon research. Their team analyzed 20,000 suggestions based on the search history of the U.S. users in order to find out the most popular yet amusing and out-of-the-box queries.

Search History: What People Asked Google In 2018

In order to produce maximally accurate results, Team Serpstat considered search suggestions with non-zero average annual volume within 2018. After exporting info from the Google U.S. database, the analytics sorted out the queries that start with:

  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • What
  • How

Then, the most frequent searches were selected. Based on the obtained results, the offbeat queries have been picked up.

Data In Search

Men, relationship, jobs, aging, education

The creativity of the online searchers combined with their perception of the world & living knows no limit. How amazing it is, where the thirst for knowledge, curiosity, and imagination can bring online surfers!

  • What happened to Monday?
  • Where to find love?
  • Why Java developers wear glasses?
  • When does evening start?

Often, a most ridiculous thought or idea can give rise to an innovative breakthrough that will make the world around us a better place…

People turn to search on a daily basis, but this is not only about the hype and being trendy. Moments, thoughts, ideas, feelings, hesitations and doubts ― sometimes absolutely insane-looking from the first sight ― that’s what makes our being that unique. That’s what keeps the wheel turning and the progress going. 

Keep scrolling to the infographic below to find out:

  • The funniest hows
  • The most hilarious whats
  • The humorous wheres
  • The touching whys
  • The witty whens

Who knows, maybe one of your search queries will be within those results too!

A Unique Exploration Of Google Search History That Could Impact Your Business displayed at Idea Girl Media

P.S. All query results appearing in this infographic are based on Serpstat’s own research. Any resemblance to Google’s ‘Year in Search’ is purely coincidental. 😉