There are as many types of organizational structure as there are businesses in this world. Every situation calls for a different solution. Training and retaining loyal employees is vital to any team, and help your bottom line…

How To Develop Your Internal Organizational Structure And Become Less Dependent On Contractors

In the early phases of running a business there are a few relationships to value and appreciate:

  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Advisors

In fact, they are vital. Some of collaborative connections will exist as for the life of your company.

At the same time, learning to reduce your dependence on other companies can be a smart way to grow your business. Some things are a trade off:

  • Costs of markups on products and services
  • Expenditures for employee training and benefits packages

While keeping some contractor service agreements will be smart, here are four logical keys for growing your organizational structure in-house.


When first launching your business, it is probably best to work with a marketing agency. Creating brand awareness can be difficult.

Now that your company is established, the right internal team will be capable of achieving digital marketing success. The great news is some permanent remote workers may be ideal, as opposed to using outsourced services.

As the business climate evolves, influencer marketing should have some presence in your social media marketing strategy.

Marketing Research

When upscaling your business, launching new products and entering new markets is often a wise path. You may need help with designing the products or running a secondary store. You don’t need an expensive firm for every part of identifying the right avenues — whether it will be franchising, exporting or other.

You know your brand’s audience, as does your core team. Your company will benefit from the professional development of capable current employees. Use their existing knowledge to initiate new market research and test their insightful ideas.

Have a credible niche consulting firm review their plan and identify any missed expansion opportunities. This will strengthen your team and save thousands on consulting fees.

Business Security

A quick look at the statistics surrounding cybercrime and business fraud will highlight the need to protect your venture. However, many firms know that business owners are fearful and will charge extortionate rates. And, frankly, nobody can provide 100% protection.

An in-house security team of:

  • Personnel
  • IT admins
  • HR reps
  • Response teams

Can be the better solution because every aspect can be tailored to your business.

Additionally, you’ll want to train employees on potential threats. Rule out human error, and your company will enjoy even greater rewards than using the latest software.

Warehousing And Fleet

Paying for a storage service or warehouse may be necessary at the start of your business journey. Especially if your capital is limited. However, industrial sheds and other storage facilities could save you a fortune in the long run. Better still, it means you are in better control of the daily operations.

On a similar note, having your own trucks and delivery vans could save you money if product must reach local customers quickly. This could even open a new revenue stream.

Thankfully, there are plenty of modern software solutions to help manage your drivers.

The Final Word On Building Your Internal Functional Organizational Structure

It is to form useful partnerships in business. However, staying loyal to existing links to the detriment of your future growth is ill-advised.

In-house organizational structure development can reduce long-term costs while also putting you in full control of growth and expansion.