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Simple Ways To Promote Your New Business

Posted 1st of September 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Simple Ways To Promote Your New Business listed and explained at Idea Girl Media

If you are starting your own business for the first time, you’re probably exploring new business ideas and ways to promote your company. You might be nervous about making the right decisions. This article makes it simple for you to with easy traditional and online marketing…

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Three Social Media Fails Your Company Should Avoid

Posted 21st of July 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Avoid these social media fails to make your marketing campaign more effective, as explained at Idea Girl Media.

Some of us have chuckled over social media fails celebrities make. But the truth is these mistakes are detrimental for all brands, business and personal. Most businesses are transitioning to online platforms. So, your online marketing campaigns should have a strategy for success…

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