Traditionally, it was easy to master a company’s offline presence. But now that most businesses are online, we have to think about a consistent brand voice. Startups and small businesses can take these three easy steps…

3 Easy Ways Startups Should Align Their Digital And Offline Presence

When you’re launching a startup, consistency is key. You need to be:

  • Bold
  • Eye-catching
  • Instantly memorable

So if anyone catches sight of you again, they immediately recognize you from the first encounter. This consistency, along with striking marketing material, is how you build brand awareness.

It’s counterproductive to do a brilliant online campaign across social media if it doesn’t match up with your website presence, and importantly, your physical location. If someone walks past your shop or into your office, it is vital they can consciously and subconsciously make the link between this place and all the great content they’ve seen online.

How do you bridge it? Here’s how to align your online and offline presence.

Lend Your Personal Brand

Though your business may adapt to different circumstances through the years, there is one thing that will never change: You. The owner. It takes an amount of self-confidence, but there’s no better image to use as the face of your business yours – Your personal brand.

Invest in some great business headshots to use across your media and website. From there, anyone who comes into the business in real life will recognize you and your company.

This is a fantastic way to create consistency across your platforms. The added benefit is giving your business a personal, trustworthy touch that potential clients will find highly engaging.

Imagery Is Key

Not everyone feels comfortable using themselves as a figurehead, which is understandable. Some business owners prefer to work behind the scenes. If this describes you, don’t worry!

It’s still important to create consistent imagery across your promotional efforts. Try certified signs to decorate your business premises, both inside and outdoors. This is most effective if they match the color scheme, logos, and branding of your existing social media marketing campaigns.

Choosing one or two main colors can give you a distinctive edge. You should always invest in a great designer to best make your branding pop as much as possible – Digitally or on your premises.

Standards And Vibe Of Your Offline Presence

This might seem like an odd point, as ‘vibe’ is one of the hardest aspects to quantify. However, think about it like this…

If your business presence online has a trendy, minimalist aesthetic, with a white-based website and clean lines, what should your offline presence look like? Would an office with chintz curtains, old carpets, and second-hand desks promote the same image to any visiting clients? The answer to this question feels pretty simple – No.

It’s important the aesthetic of your website and online presence is matched in its look and professionalism with your real-world location. The same is true of you and your employees. Be sure your personal appearances match your brand voice – Both your online and offline presence.

If your clients will expect to see you in full business attire (suits, heels, etc), do that. Some startups might want to present a more relaxed look. Recognize which category you fall into, and tailor all of your decisions accordingly.