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What Business Expenses Should You Be Tracking?

Posted 19th of August 2022 by Idea Girl Media

What Business Expenses Should You Be Tracking? Question answered at Idea Girl Media

Your business expenses list is or will be overwhelming! The best thing you can do is track all expenses to be sure all payments are timely and consistent. We detail six areas to watch to reduce expenditures by making improvements…

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Interview With Adrian Domocos, CEO At Hot In Social Media

Posted 15th of July 2021 by Idea Girl Media

Know what's hot in social media through this interview with Adrian Docomos, only here at Idea Girl Media.

Nobody knows who is doing great things with social media better than Adrian Domocos, the founder of the Hot in Social Media blog. In this interview, he shared his journey in social media marketing in hopes that he can help you with yours too…

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